Oregon Law Takes Effect Requiring Guns to Be Locked in the Home

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

A new law took effect in Oregon Saturday requiring guns to be locked and/or securely stored when in the home.

On April 19, 2021, the Associated Press reported the Oregon legislature was considering the gun lock bill and noted it “would be among the toughest in the U.S.”

As the bill was being considered, opponents of gun lock requirements testified of having loved one’s who had needed a gun for self-defense but who were unable to access their firearm because it was locked. They quoted Jim Mischel, of Sheridan, Oregon, who said  he was wife was home alone one night, heard strange noises and went to the nightstand to retrieve a pistol from a “locked gun box.”

He said the alleged intruder found his wife before she was able to get her gun from the box.

Mischel said, “She was unable to get the box unlocked and the pistol out before he got into the bedroom and threatened her with his gun. She has never recovered.”

On June 1, 2021, the AP noted the legislation, SB 554, had been passed by the legislature and signed by Gov. Kate Brown (D). The AP observed that SB 554 requires “that firearms be secured with a trigger or cable lock, in a locked container or gun room.”

KEZI explained that SB 554 took effect on Saturday.


4 thoughts on “Oregon Law Takes Effect Requiring Guns to Be Locked in the Home

  1. How the hell do they expect to enforce this unlawful edict?!? I would love to see these psychopaths try to verify that this ‘law’ is being followed at the Shivley residence.

  2. SB 554? Stupid, meaningless numbers printed on paper! All that paper should make a nice bonfire one day soon! Until that day just tear up every scrap of useless paper they hand out & if they come to your door to infringe your unalienable rights…

  3. Just a money grab. Doubles the permission slip price for CHL.

    Lots of stuff that makes no sense.

    From an email I got from Oregon Firearms Federation

    SB 554, the rights crushing bill brought to us by leftist Democrats and cowardly Republicans is now in effect .

    We have received numerous requests for an explanation of exactly what the bill does. But given the contradictions between what its proponents said it would do, and what the actual language of the bill says, any attempt at an in-depth explanation of the bill would be a fool’s errand.

    Just one example of what a cesspool-of-state-efforts-at-entrapment the bill is, is this line from Section 2 of the bill:

    (It apparently is referring to a definition of what an integral firearm’s locking device is.)

    (b) A device incorporated into the design of the firearm that is designed to prevent the operation of the firearm by any person not having access to the device

    If you are scratching your head, you are not alone.

    During the time the bill was being debated its proponents insisted that you could lawfully allow a minor child to have access to a firearm for self defense in the home. They repeated this over and over. And over and over we contacted Republican legislators to request that they ask how that position could be reconciled with this language in the bill:

    (b)That the owner or possessor of the firearm is in the person’s own residence, either alone or with only authorized persons who also live in the residence and who are not minors, and the residence is secure. (Emphasis added)

    As you probably have concluded, the Republicans repeatedly let this contradiction slide.

    So, while we will in no way attempt to dissect this poorly written garbage, we are confident telling you this:

    Under the law, you need to keep any gun you are not carrying locked up and useless.

    You can be held responsible for any crimes committed with guns that have been stolen from you
    Your rights to allow a minor to use one of your firearms are now extremely restricted and very complicated.

    Your liability when you LAWFULLY transfer a firearm is now exponentially higher.

    You may no longer carry a firearm with a concealed handgun license in the Portland Airport Terminal, the Capitol Building (YOUR building) and the grounds of any school that chooses to make its property off limits.

    The cost of a CHL has doubled

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