Orlando cop pepper-spraying women who just wanted cheap hair extensions

Published on Oct 10, 2014 by YouHitNews

Video shows Orlando police using pepper spray at beauty store giveaway.
Pushing, shoving at store’s grand opening $1 giveaway
(ClickOrlando) PINE HILLS, Fla. –
Police used pepper spray on shoppers after a scene broke out at a beauty supply store on Friday.

The incident was reported at Beauty Exchange on Pine Hills Circle.

As part of the store’s grand opening, it was giving away free hair extensions valued between $55 and $100.
Shoppers started lining up Friday morning and by 8:30 a.m. there were several dozens of people in line. Pushing and shoving occurred and a pregnant woman was pushed down.

In surveillance video, Orlando police is spotted trying to get the crowd to back up and when they wouldn’t back up, at least two officers started to use pepper spray on the crowd.

Several shoppers tell Local 6 they believe the police overreacted. The Department defended the officer’s actions.

“The officers attempted to gain control of the crowd and restore order however they were unsuccessful, therefore they sprayed over the heads of the crowd to gain control,” a department spokesperson said in an email to Local 6.

The video shows one officer spraying at eye level.

There were no injuries.


6 thoughts on “Orlando cop pepper-spraying women who just wanted cheap hair extensions

  1. Ok, you can see the crowd pushing and shoving…for free hair extensions? Give me a break! When will folks in a crowd start acting, with CIVILITY and SELF-CONTROL?
    Pepper spray was overreacting, but people shouldn’t act like animals, either.

  2. Damn, I can’t believe I missed out on free hair extensions. Did you see those prices? $12 bucks for one weave, that’s not too bad either. Almost worth getting pepper sprayed for. I’m not sure how this is even a story, some of those women NEEDED weaves bad enough to throw down for them. Those women were wearing hair hats.

  3. Ha! you should see how they react at a “donut sale”. No good “attempted to gain control of the crowd and restore order”, the customers (all over-weight and wearing uniforms and badges and things) would shoot back and in any case, pepper spray ruins the taste of the donuts.

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