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Orlando Suspicions: Multiple Shooters, Multiple ‘Motives’ And A Siege That Just Doesn’t Add Up

Truth and Shadows – by Craig McKee

This “terror” event has everything.

Religious fanaticism, homophobia, domestic violence and male rage, mental illness and self-hatred, impassioned demands for gun control, dire warnings about the Internet’s role in creating terrorists, alarms raised about immigrants, and questions about how law enforcement could have let a future killer they were watching slip through their fingers. How many of these elements are real and how many implanted in a contrived official version of events is the big question.  

The June 12 shooting at the Pulse night club in Orlando, Florida that apparently left 49 dead and 53 injured is full of oddities, anomalies, and elements that are disturbingly reminiscent of past false flag deceptions. Did the suspect do what he is accused of doing? If he did, did he have accomplices? Did others know this was going to happen and even encourage it to happen? Why did there seem to be no ambulances at the scene or even arriving with injured people at the hospital (a nurse interviewed in one report said injured people were brought in private vehicles)? Why were injured club patrons being carried by other club-goers past cameras towards the club rather than away from it? And why did they set that person down and stop walking as soon as they appeared to be out of camera range?

Important aspects of the story as we have it now don’t make sense, and people connected to the event have some very intriguing associations.


Mateen: said he had accomplices.

The thing that sets off major alarm bells right from the beginning is the familiar and immediate association of a violent “terrorist” with “radical Islam.” In this case, alleged shooter Omar Mateen is supposed to have called 911 from the club minutes after the shooting started to announce his allegiance to ISIS and his solidarity with the Boston bombers. One can’t help but think of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev and his fabricated boat “confession” that helped link the Boston bombing to “Islamic terrorism.”

The links to Islam are incredibly common in so many blatant false flag operations, particularly since 9/11. When an act of “terror” is immediately linked by authorities and the media to Muslim extremism it is almost enough to lead one to assume the event is a false flag in support of the completely fake “war on terror.” But, of course, we still must examine the details before becoming too sure of ourselves.

Mateen, 29, was well known to the FBI, who conducted a 10-month investigation of him after remarks he is supposed to have made to some co-workers about having a family connection to al-Qaeda (he seems to have expressed sympathies to several alleged terror groups, some of which are enemies of each other). He was also questioned about his association with a Florida man who went to Syria to be a suicide bomber.

According to the New York Daily News, the FBI even approached Mateen using informants while he was under investigation. This immediately brings to mind the dozens of so-called “terror plots” in the U.S. that were actually hatched by the FBI so they could entrap someone who would likely never have attacked anyone on their own. And all this so law enforcement can take credit for foiling more terrorists. Suspects in events like this seem to be “known to law enforcement” very often. (See Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Lee Harvey Oswald, and several alleged 9/11 “hijackers” among many others.)

Another intriguing bit of background is that Mateen had worked as a security guard since 2007 for a major global security conglomerate called G4S that has links to past “terrorist” events, including through its role in security at the three airports where planes allegedly took off on 9/11. Meanwhile, his father, Seddique Mateen, had a TV show on a station owned by the U.S. government’s Voice of America and once announced his intention to run for president of his native Afghanistan. The elder Mateen, who had dealings with U.S. elected officials has been accused of being a CIA asset in some reports, but this still needs to be confirmed. (This reminds one of Ruslan Tsarni, the uncle of the alleged Boston bombers, who married the daughter of a senior CIA official.)

Typically with these types of events, the media focus on the emotion of the tragedy as well as on the supposed motivations of the alleged perpetrator. Why did he do it? How did he get the weapons to do it? What laws should be changed because of it? What they don’t do very much, or very well, is question the details of the event itself. We’ve seen this in just about every false flag in recent memory: 9/11, the London bombings, Sandy Hook, the Boston bombing, the two Paris events, and many more. Some important details do get mentioned but there are either not explored or they are not put in context.

So, let’s look at how the event itself played out, starting with how police could wait three hours to re-enter the club and take control of the situation after they had been engaged with the suspect in a shootout three hours earlier? According to a description of the events by USA Today, the shooter entered through a side door and then shot a doorman and numerous others before exiting from the main entrance on the other side of the building. He encountered an off-duty police officer in the parking lot who was working for the club, and they exchanged gunfire. In a disastrous turn of events, this exchange forced the shooter back inside the club. (I’m no armed-siege expert, but isn’t that the very thing you don’t want to happen?)

Pulse night club map

There were eight different ways out of the building.

At some point, Mateen retreated to one of the washrooms at the rear of the club where he apparently took several hostages.  Somehow, more than 100 people are shot – about half of those fatally – while police are not able to help at all. We don’t hear about more police entering the club apart from those three (at least not in reports I’ve seen).

CNN reports it this way: “Shooting erupts at Pulse, a gay nightclub in the heart of Orlando, as some 320 people enjoy the club’s “Latin flavor” event. An officer working extra duty in full uniform at the club responds. He and two officers nearby open fire on the shooter, and a gun battle ensues. The shooter goes inside the club, where a hostage situation develops. Some 100 officers from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the Orlando Police Department respond to the chaotic scene.”

According to the Orlando Sentinel two more officers arrived and entered the club:

“Lt. Scott Smith and Sgt. Jeffrey Backhaus arrived a couple minutes later and rushed into the club. There was another flurry of shots between them and Mateen.”

It sounds from these reports that the rest of the 100 officers remained outside after Mateen entered the club. According to police, it wasn’t until 5 a.m. (the first shots were at 2:02 a.m.) when Mateen told them he had some kind of explosive device on him that they decided to breach the building by ramming it with an armored vehicle.

How could critically wounded people inside the club be left without help for that long, and how many died because of it? Were all the wounded rescued while the shooter was in one of the bathrooms with hostages? Police do claim to have removed “dozens and dozens” from the club at that point. But we hear stories about the gunman moving around, not simply sitting in the washroom for the whole three hours. Police explained that they could not move against the shooter more quickly because they had to “get armored vehicles on the scene and make sure they had enough personnel.”

According to a floor plan of the club filed with the City of Orlando, there were five exits that opened onto the parking lot and another three that gave access to the patio. That’s eight ways to get out and just one shooter.

Or did the shooter have help? Several witnesses have stated that they believe there was more than one shooter. One audio record of shots was played on Fox News that sounded like shots were so rapid that they could have been happening simultaneously, suggesting multiple gunmen (I’m not a firearms expert, so I hesitate to draw firm conclusions from this recording). Witness Chris Hansen (one of those carrying an injured person towards the club) said the shots were much too rapid to have come from one gun. Janiel Gonzalez told journalists that he was sure there were at least two gunmen. This is awfully reminiscent of claims of multiple shooters at the Aurora theater shooting.

In an audio interview, Gonzales talked about the struggle by club-goers to get out of the building while the shooting was going on. Just before the audio cuts out, he made this remarkable statement: “There was a guy there that was trying to prevent the door … hold the door closed so that we didn’t exit and …” (More here: https://www.sott.net/article/320228-Orlando-nightclub-massacre-eyewitnesses-More-than-one-shooter-snipers-fired-at-police-someone-blocked-exits)

Some reported that Mateen was on the phone with police telling them that he had others helping him. One witness even said that Mateen appeared to be talking to someone he knew and describing how there were three others involved, one of them a woman.

It appears now that most of the shooting took place in the first few minutes after the first shot, at 2:02 a.m. Is it likely that someone not used to using an assault rifle could have fired hundreds of shots in a crowded club in such a short time, particularly with just as many people being killed as were injured? I don’t really know the answer to that. Is it believable that the shooter could have reloaded numerous times, and even made several phone calls, without anyone trying to jump him or grab him? I don’t know that either, and I can’t imagine how I would react in a real situation of this type.

As with so many of these “terror” events, the scene just looks odd. Where is all the video one would expect from an event like this? We’ve been shown one piece of phone video that offers the sound of gunshots but not much else. (Maybe it’s just my journalism background, but I’d have been shooting video the whole time.) We’ve also heard nothing about video from surveillance cameras. But that’s not unusual either (see Sandy Hook, Aurora, 9/11). And there is little or no video that shows any kind of rescuing of victims, including transporting them in ambulances. The parading of victims past cameras reminds me of Boston bombing “victims” like Jeff Bauman being whisked down the street in wheelchairs while ambulances sat parked a couple of blocks away. It is also reminiscent of the widely circulated photo of a teacher supposedly leading children away from Sandy Hook Elementary.

I understand that many of those questioning this event are prepared to say without equivocation (or much thought) that this event was entirely fake, that no one was killed or injured, and that all of those interviewed are actors. I am not prepared to say this because I don’t feel we have the evidence to say this. I think it’s critical for those seeking truth to avoid knee-jerk reactions. Those who stage shootings and other false flags mix their methods so that we all get into a feeding frenzy how fake the event is. I believe some events are totally fake while others involve real killing but not by the person we were told (or the person blamed was not who we thought they were). While some talk about crisis actors, others are outraged because they believe the victims were real. Both could be right. To think it’s always one or the other is foolish.

We have learned some incredible things in recent days (they’re incredible whether they are true or whether they are part of a script). Omar Mateen, we have been told, was a regular at Pulse, and he was a member of several online gay dating sites. His father doesn’t think he’s gay but his ex-wife, who claimed he beat her and that he was mentally unstable, thinks it’s possible.

“He was not a stable person,” the ex-wife told the Washington Post. “He beat me. He would just come home and start beating me up because the laundry wasn’t finished or something like that.”

His current wife is another story. She apparently accompanied Mateen when he was “scoping out” Pulse and even to Disney World where he may have been planning an attack. That’s the story, anyway. The wife also has been quoted as saying she knows Mateen was gay. If all of this is true, then one would have to think she will be charged as an accomplice. But that would mean a trial, and I can’t imagine that happening.

There were two other incidents that seem to be incredible coincidences with the Orlando event. First we had the shooting of singer Christina Grimmie in Orlando two days earlier (She had just finished a concert and was greeting fans). Then, just hours after the Pulse shooting, we had James Howell travelling from Indiana with guns and explosive materials in his car – headed for the Los Angeles gay pride celebrations. The weapons were discovered when Howell’s car was searched after someone called police to report a prowler. Very odd to see two major threats to the gay community (one just a potential attack) that are unrelated and just hours apart.

The claim by authorities and the media that this event tells us that ISIS (essentially a U.S. creationanyway) has a global reach and can turn any impressionable young person into a killer leads me to conclude initially that this is yet another false flag op designed to manipulate us into fearing a threat that essentially does not exist.

The media implant the official story within hours, even minutes. They tell us it is global terrorism and homegrown terrorism at the same time. It’s about a mentally deranged lone culprit with no regard for life who was inspired by radicals halfway around the world. It’s about guns, religious extremism, and hate speech.  They talk about how any human activity makes us all “soft targets.”

I suspect this shooting was not the work of just one person and that it involved a disguised purpose and hidden perpetrators as so many other acts of mass violence in recent years have. I find it a shame that the gay community, which has been subjected to so much violence and so much punishment for being different over the years, is being used to push an agenda that they aren’t even aware of.

We will certainly learn much more in the days ahead. How much of that will be true we’ll all have to assess as new information – or disinformation – comes out.

Orlando suspicions: Multiple shooters, multiple ‘motives’ and a siege that just doesn’t add up

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  1. tc says:

    It’s to bad that all those queers didn’t have access to their hidden super faggot powers. They could have blocked all those bullets with their hands, Like that one supergay did.

    • avgjoe says:

      the interview describing the SHOTGUN that was used is fabulous.

      bam bam bam bam…..bam bam bam

      the only thing full of holes are these fake news interviews.

  2. KOYOTE says:

    look at that boys picture……….. that no arab!!!!!!!!!!!!!…….. thats a JEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mark Schumacher In LV says:

    Of course there were multiple shooters. Too many dead for just one towel head shooter.

  4. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “I suspect this shooting was not the work of just one person and that it involved a disguised purpose and hidden perpetrators as so many other acts of mass violence in recent years have.”

    I suspect you’re an idiot if you believe this really happened.

    No one was shot, no one was killed.

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