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Orthodox Jewish drug dealers nabbed by NY police

NYPD personnel in Manhattan, New York. The Ugly Truth

A drug crew strictly observed the Jewish Sabbath each week while dealing prescription painkillers, heroin and other drugs in New York City, authorities said Tuesday in announcing charges against five men.

Investigators cited mass text messages sent to customers warning them to get their orders in before sundown Friday or else wait until after sundown Saturday.  

“We are closing at 7:30 on the dot and we will reopen on Saturday at 8:15 so if u need anything you have 45 mins to get what you want,” one text read, according to the city’s Special Narcotics Prosecutor’s Office.

An indictment charged the Jewish men with using stolen prescription sheets and other means to obtain 23,000 oxycodone pills with a street value of $460,000. It also accused them of distributing heroin with the name “DOB” and of using the code name “white girl” to refer to cocaine.

In another text from April to 50 people, the Brooklyn men allegedly wrote, “Awesome batch of DOB just came in!!! Open now till 7:30.”

Investigators dubbed the five-month investigation “Only After Sundown.”


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4 Responses to Orthodox Jewish drug dealers nabbed by NY police

  1. Greg Bacon says:

    “Oy Vey!”

    Where did they get prescription drugs from in that quantity?

    • diggerdan says:

      HaHa Greg Bacon, they just get a appointment with a family practitioner that can write scipts and when the dr. leaves the room he just takes some of the dr.s clean scripts off of his pile of unused script pad and then just write out there own script as needed and use the dr.s name and his fed narcotics number that is on the script the dr. wrote – ya see you gotta get the dr. to write you out a legit script for you and you then you can forge the dr.s name and his fed. # and pretty much write out one for what you may want. Just make sure you do not try to cash it when the dr. office is open or better yet wait untill the dr. is out of town and unavailable. That is a decades old trick that they still use. Yep, $20. – $40. for a script and you can turn it over on the streets and make a healthy profit quite easily anywhere.

  2. Paula Walker says:

    Oh, oh-sounds like somebody didn’t get their cut of the profits, and squealed on them. If they’re not dealing in the organ harvest business, they’re out there selling drugs. Can God be happy with the “chosen ones”?? Sarcasm noted

  3. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    So what do the Unorthodox so-called ‘jews’ sell?

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