6 thoughts on “Orthodox Jews seen open carrying rifles in Rockland County, NY

  1. With assault rifles and 30 round hi-cap mags??????

    Um , pretty sure that’s illegal in New York.

    Funny they all look inbred.

    1. Only 1 of those AR’s is joo york compliant cosmetically, but I’d bet the farm they’re “chosen” to be exempt from any transgressions.

        1. LOL But dang it, I IDENTIFY as an assault weapon! That’s a 30 rounder hanging from my midriff, not a 10 rounder clippazine!

          Looks like one dude is wearing chanel or gucci loafers and the other is wearing oxblood Dr Martens. Tight families, tight families… Family trees like a telephone pole!

          1. “telephone poles”? Stop insulting Polish people, Martist! 😉

            (Daughter-in-law is from Polish-Americans)

  2. The ol’ Talmudic “guns-free-speech-whatever for me but not for thee (that is, goyim)” crapola again.

    Memo to Talmudic Jewry: when the nonsense “anti-semitic” bullsh*t you M-Fers constantly spew outta your mouths no longer works on us “cattle” (and with Trump’s heresy-anti-Christ abomination known as his anti-semitism EO, that ‘no longer works’ scenario is coming fast…there is only so much Talmudic garbage us “slaves to Jews” will take!), you all need to do one of two things:
    1. go back to Israel where you belong (and then the Palestinians can deal with you)
    2. Israel or not, get the hell outta the united States! (because you will not be safe here any longer)

    You could convert to belief on Christ instead of Satan, but I’m not holding my breath on that one….

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