OSHA Deadline for National Worker Mask Mandate Looms Today

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On the day after the inauguration (January 21st) JoeBama signed an Executive order on COVID worker Safety, weaponizing the Dept of Labor, OSHA.  Literally word-for-word what CTH predicted the previous summer.  [Predictions HERE and HERE]  Included in that executive order was a deadline of March 15, 2021, for OSHA to determine if a national mandate for workers would be required.  That deadline is today.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is a federal agency that rules over every single business entity in the U.S with employees.  If OSHA determines masks are needed, then every operation that falls under the OSHA regulations will be required to force their employees to wear masks.  But there is an element that extends beyond the face value of the mandate.

Just like all federal regulations and compliance processes any employee can file a complaint with OSHA against the business for violations of the OSHA compliance standard….. And don’t think that enforcement isn’t part of the operational plan for COVID mandates.  It is within the enforcement of the rules were OSHA can be politically weaponized.

WASHINGTON DC – […] Covid-19 requirements from OSHA would be very different than the mask guidance and recommendations from the White House or the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

OSHA, a large regulatory agency within the US Department of Labor, has federal power to set and enforce standards to ensure safe working conditions that covers most working Americans in all 50 states. It can enforce requirements anywhere from local shops to factory floors to large corporations. Failure by a business to comply with any OSHA requirement can result in fines, jail time and legal liability.

Federally mandating masks in all workplaces is unprecedented. There were previous regulations on respiratory protection for workers in hazardous environments or healthcare roles, but not for the majority of the American workforce.

[…] A federal OSHA workplace mask regulation would apply even in states that are no longer requiring face coverings or have loosened Covid-19 restrictions.

[…] While many Americans have been going to work throughout the pandemic, some Americans have yet to return to their workplace in a Covid-19 environment. To ensure workers are safe, OSHA is working to expand the ability to report workplace safety complaints in relation to Covid-19 protection.

“We are preparing to implement a national emphasis program that focuses our efforts on violations that put the largest number of workers at risk of contracting coronavirus or are contrary to anti-retaliation principles,” a Department of Labor spokesperson told CNN Wednesday. “OSHA is reviewing its enforcement efforts related to Covid-19 and identifying changes to better protect workers and ensure the safety of its compliance officers, “the spokesperson continued. (read more)

The Last Refuge

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