Otilia Martins, 80, Thwarts Robbery By Throwing Mangoes At Thieves

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Huffington Post  Manuel Nogueira owes his mother-in-law, Otilia Martins, an extra special Mother’s Day gift next year for the way she defended his market from two robbers.

Martins is an 80-year-old grandmother who visiting Nogueira’s store, the Continental Market in New Bedford, Mass., last Friday when two men entered the store around 1:30 p.m. One of them pointed a gun at the cashier’s face.

During the robbery, one of the men hit Martins, a Portuguese immigrant, with the gun. But despite the laceration, she didn’t give up, according to MyFoxBoston.

Instead, Martins — who had been shopping — began hurling mangoes and a bag of apples at the suspect with the gun, earning the undying respect of Nogueira, who was outside the market when the incident occurred, according to CBS News.

“She looked in her pocketbook for something to throw at the guy,” Nogueira told Boston.com “She didn’t find anything, but the fruit was right next to her, so she used that.”

Her daughter, Marie Nogueira, is pretty proud too.

“She was amazing,” she told SouthCoastToday.com. “She said, ‘He’s lucky I didn’t have something stronger to hit him with.'”

Although Martins suffered a big gash on her forehead from the pistol-whip, but she refused to go to the hospital, so paramedics treated her injuries on site.

Despite the mango attack, the thieves still managed to leave the store with $500.

Nogueira, who was working outside and unaware that one of the men had a gun, ran after them, catching one of them two blocks away.

The other man, who had the gun, fled into a nearby apartment on Belleville Avenue, Boston.com reported.

The suspects, Eduardo Torres-Lopez, 22, and Jesse DosSantos, 24, both of New Bedford, were arrested and face charges that include armed robbery, carrying a dangerous weapon, and assault and battery on a person over the age of 60.

7 thoughts on “Otilia Martins, 80, Thwarts Robbery By Throwing Mangoes At Thieves

  1. We have to do SOMETHING to put an end to mango violence.
    I’d recommend mango registration with a 5 day waiting period and a background check.


    1. Did you see the story about the LA man who broke into a home and tried to kill the owner with a toilet seat? We may have to do something about them, too. LOL

    2. Finally. At last. Someone is offering some solutions.
      How about this, we declare mangoes to have feelings, thus constitutional rights, and make it a felony to pick them from trees. This way we could use Agenda 21 to ban the violent use of mangoes.

  2. Granny is just lucky that that is all that happened was a bump on the head by that hold up guy. I wish the hold up guy would have slipped on some mango juice. Too bad granny didn`t have her gun with her. Now that would have been good.

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