Ottawa Police Assault a 80 year old man


Feb 7, 2022This 80 year old man was arresting after failing to identify after being pulled over by Ottawa police for honking his horn in demonstration and support for the FREEDOM CONVOY. The police chief and Trudeaus liberal government are creating communist style attacks on our sovereign rights and destroying our charter of rights day by day. This has to end NOW !!! STAND UP AND UNITE AGAINST TYRANNY !!!

6 thoughts on “Ottawa Police Assault a 80 year old man

    1. Yep. That was so sad to watch. There are more than enough big rigs out there to run these thugs over and squish them into the pavement.

    2. Yeah Hal, no one jumped into help. That’s the next frontier that must be conquered. See tyranny, deal with it properly.


      1. Wow, what do you know? It looks like everybody who looked down their noses at me for being profane, now that they realize what I’ve known all along, have become profane themselves, almost like they are ready to fight.
        Somebody wrote me an email last night and said the Canadians do have guns in their closets. I told them if this is true, they better get to using them or lose them, just like here. For a mass majority to put up with this kind of shit from a teeny tiny minority, is just straight up embarrassment to any armed populous.

        1. Ha!! When I heard that swearing, I certainly thought of you.
          FKNG A!!

          We’re gonna find out who the Canadians are. There certainly are some checkmates goin’ on. Guns are chess-masters. 🙂


        2. The metaphor for us is the sleeping bear. When you poke at one, too many times, watch out! We are known to be nice, polite and peaceful. Oh, and also responsible for picking up our garbage. Reduce, re-use, recycle etc…but only to a point. Once all peaceful means are exhausted, there is no room left to be nice and neat. Let’s see how we fight when they poke at us one too many times. I know we are not done with them yet.

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