Ottawa Police Threaten to Arrest Media Covering Freedom Convoy Arrests

Gateway Pundit – by Cassandra Fairbanks

The Ottawa Police have threatened to arrest members of the media who are covering the Freedom Convoy arrests.

The threat comes one day after a vow from Interim Police Chief Steve Bell to crack down on the protest.

“All media who are attending the area, please keep a distance and stay out of police operations for your safety. Anyone found within areas undergoing enforcement may be subject to arrest. There will be a media availability later today at 474 Elgin Street,” the department tweeted from their official account.

Speaking to the press on Thursday, Bell said, “do not come to our downtown court. We are tired of what’s been happening there. We’re sick of what’s happening in our streets so leave our area. We will continue with that message this weekend. What you’re seeing is an increased enforcement presence. And we won’t be allowing people to come down for the unlawful activities of engaging in demonstrations.”

On Thursday evening, two key organizers of the convoy were arrested.

Tamara Lich, a spokesperson for the demonstration and organizer of the GoFundMe and GiveSendGo fundraisers, and organizer Chris Barber, were both arrested.

According to the Freedom Convoy Twitter account, Lich and Barber have been charged with “counseling to commit mischief.”

Barber has additionally been charged with “counseling to commit obstruction.”

“We are going to take back the entirety of the downtown core and every occupied space,” Ottawa Interim Police Chief Steve Bell told the city council on Wednesday.

“It will be a very different picture of the downtown core this weekend than it has been from the previous three weekends,” Bell said. “We want people to peacefully leave. But I can tell you that if they do not peacefully leave, we have plans, strategies and tactics to be able to get them to leave.”

The convoy has been protesting against vaccine mandates for drivers traveling between the US and Canada.

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5 thoughts on “Ottawa Police Threaten to Arrest Media Covering Freedom Convoy Arrests

    1. Wow! They outnumber the police but allow this to happen? Blatant in-your-face thuggery! And what’s with the peacenik with the eagle staff?

      1. He’s what you get when you order a q-shaman from wish. Possibly another created character/agent provocateur even. Who knows? But if he thinks peace is gonna solve anything he’s been using his own medicine supply.

  1. All because everyone complied with 2 years of BULLSHIT! Did they not think it would come down to this? In a way, they deserve what they had coming, because they didn’t stand up right out the gate and tell the foreign gestapo from India, at OUR store front check points to go f**k themselves, throw their face diaper in the trash can and march right past them saying “THIS IS CANADA! WE DON’T COMPLY WITH F****N’ COMMUNISM HERE! Well, some of us did, but not enough of us did. They all said WE were selfish for not following the rules. I hate having to be the one to say, “I told you so!” Thanks to the daily broadcasts from the Trenches, I stood my ground, unflinchingly.

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