Our Brother and Sister are Put in Harm’s Way – Watch What Happens

Our family at from the Trenches World Report has known for seemingly forever that the enemies of our site would pounce and pounce hard, sooner or later. The Uncle Toms who cave to Trump’s circus con, the ones who seek favoritism for cash sickens us, but yet we manage to continue to fight the good fight, refusing to cower. America has turned into a sick hodgepodge wannabe cash grabbers, yet From the Trenches World Report manages to fight the good fight.   

Whether it be an American president cowering to a Los Angles Rapper, or an effeminate Senator from South Carolina, the stink still hangs in the air. It takes a real man to understand true freedom, and how to fight for it.

Henry Shivley is our front man, he and his family have undergone threats from day one, still online, fighting the good fight. When you have fortitude such as Henry’s, nothing can sidetrack. What we are about to see is war my friends, the kind of which hasn’t been seen since in decades.

Common law verses the effeminate law, the kind of law that Air Force National Guard girlie lawyers fight, the law that is fought on international waters, a law that crowns its flag with gold fringe, making it seemingly untouchable.

Watch and learn my friends, you are to see and taught real law. Not circus law where Uncle Toms reside.

3 thoughts on “Our Brother and Sister are Put in Harm’s Way – Watch What Happens

  1. These idiots want to take Henry, of all people, into a court of law? I feel sorry for those dumb bastards!
    Tear’em a new one, Henry! They need schoolin’. Poor dumb-asses have no idea what’s about to happen to them, do they?

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