Our Common Agenda – Multilateralism with teeth


In September 2021, the UN Secretary-General António Guterres released the report Our Common Agenda.[1] The former Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén leads the UN panel that will provide proposals on how this agenda should be implemented. It is clear that the report comes as a direct response to the declaration about The Great Reset made in June 2020 by Guterres and Klaus Schwab from the World Economic Forum.

Now is the historical movement of time, not only to fight the real virus, but to shape the system for the post-corona era. (Klaus Schwab)

Awaiting us is the total digitalization of the world. This agenda goes hand in hand with the mantra “Build Back Better” which has spread like wildfire among world leaders.

Our Common Agenda contains a number of recommendations on how the UN can be reformed in order to meet the problems facing the world today. Guterres begins the report by describing the serious situation:

We are at an inflection point in history. In our biggest shared test since the Second World War, humanity faces a stark and urgent choice: a breakdown or a breakthrough. The coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is upending our world, threatening our health, destroying economies and livelihoods and deepening poverty and inequalities.

At the same time as Our Common Agenda was released, the UN also hosted The Food Systems Summit and a High Level Dialogue on Energy.[2] These are two areas that have now become a primary concern in connection with the Ukraine conflict and the European Union’s great dependence on Russian and Ukrainian raw materials such as gas and grain. During his speech to the UN agency ECOSOC on March 22 this year, Guterres said:

The war in Ukraine is now causing food, fuel and fertilizer prices to skyrocket, and our United Nations agencies are warning of hunger on an unprecedented scale. The FAO’s (Food and Agriculture Organization) global food price index is at its highest level ever. And according to the World Food Programme (WFP), in the past three years, the number of people on the brink of famine has risen by 17 million.[3]

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2 thoughts on “Our Common Agenda – Multilateralism with teeth

  1. So, they want us to “ABIDE BY INTERNATIONAL LAW & ENSURE JUSTICE.” Pipe dream, to say the least. We won’t be ruled by them or anyone else and their great plan will fail in the face of free people everywhere.

    And this:

    “The whole agenda is largely reminiscent of the World Future Society’s technocratic ideas from the 1970’s and the creation of a ‘World Brain’ to handle the Earth’s processes that futurist Oliver Reiser advocated in his book ‘Cosmic Humanism and World Unity.'”

    A “World Brain?!!” Henry, this reminded me of what you wrote a couple of days ago regarding global surveillance and censoring:

    “Just think, if we weren’t individuals, if our DNA was altered so we all thought and acted the same, we could have one jew do all the thinking for everybody.”

    Ha!! And yeah, a brain is a terrible thing to globalize.


    1. They call it “tightening up.”:

      “What kind of ‘world order’ are we here concerned with? Surely one obvious distinction is between a loosely organized or ‘open’ society and a tightly knit or ‘closed’ society of a totalitarian form of social order. At the present time we have a loose world order, such as embodied in the present United Nations Organization. Those of us who believe in the necessity for a world federation will want us to foster the forces and agencies working toward political and economic integration, thus tightening up somewhat the loose order into a planetary federation of friendly people.”


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