1. I saw this, as good as it is… there is no sense talking to these lawless criminals who inhabit our people’s buildings.

    Time for talking is 100% over. They show us this at every turn.

    They (enforcers) will escalate every encounter with them up to shooting u dead for non compliance, and yet they’ll stand down and drop to a knee for communist clowns who are calling for their elimination..!!

    Of course the commies don’t want to eliminate them they wish to control them..!!

    It is pretty much all over my people, time to get and be ready as u can.

  2. Aaaaaaand… all copies of the video deleted (dated 13 & 19 Aug from different channels) only hours after being posted at the Trenches!

  3. Yup JewTube took it down .. too late bastards , it’s already on other platforms

    Can’t have truth out there getting in their way

  4. Video of entire comment period of board meeting still available (25 August 2020) — comment (from Carlos Zapata) begins just before the 25-min mark:

    1. The problem we face is not as complicated as one thinks, but we see these graceful speakers step up and talk about their businesses, the fraud being perpetrated upon them, and their pleas to THEIR government to make it all go away and make it better.
      These people will shine out as leaders of the resistance because they don’t have a f-king clue of why things are what they are and that they are not the masters but by their own acquiescence they are serfs, peasants, peons, and coolies and by the time they get off of their high in thinking they are the intelligent ones that are going to save this country and realize who they truly are and what has happened here, they will already be in a f-king FEMA camp.
      Never has such a simple problem been so buried in ignorance and pure ass bullshit.
      Shove that unlawful Constitution right up your ignorant f-king ass, as I now become nauseous when I just hear the word. You are a bunch of wantonly mush-minded cowardly privileged masonic retards and your corporate welfare isn’t coming back to you as the the f-king push is the consolidation of the power at the top.
      Your f-king ignorance now leaves me speechless, you worthless mother f-kers.

      1. Get this. That woman in Dallas, Shelley Luther, the hair salon owner that got thrown in jail for opening up, is now running for Texas Senate. Sell outs, imo!

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