Our Family Here At The Trenches

What can I say other than I love you all, during these times of tyranny and deceit, we have stuck together like sticky tape. Some of us with other agendas have left our site, some out of pure ignorance and others who have followed and participated for years, and have grown away from our philosophy, still welcome back whenever they damn well please, these people are our family, no question.

Henry Shivley is no doubt the strongest man I’ve ever met, followed by his pure love for freedom and the “Bill Of Rights”, but also for all of us here at this site. In return, he expects respect for our cause, and he shows us the way in which to address all the wrongs in which have killed the American Dream, more importantly, how to bring those dreams back.

Some might have a different approach, but I can tell you all this, Henry’s way is the same way we originally acquired our freedom over 265 years ago. And if you want to try and alter that, in any way, this site isn’t for you, because my friends, no other way is going to work.

This family of ours is a tight knit one, we have to be. Yes, we have disagreements, and are soon resolved, either by time or apology or whatever, then it’s back to business. We talk a lot about the coming war and the inevitable deaths that will occur, and how we must participate in whatever way possible, yes that’s a given. None of us are looking forward to this, but it’s the only way.

But I will tell you this, Henry isn’t going to back down, freeze or show cowardice, and he expects the same from all of us, he talks about the coming war daily on his show, and some here have questioned, “Why aren’t we doing anything”. And the answer is simple, it doesn’t work that way, that’s why.

If we play it that way, all of us are going to be sitting behind bars, and not in the field when needed. Call it what you want, but that’s the deal. If people want to question that, then go pound sand, when the time is right, shit will fly, count on it.

Everybody here is a hero just for participating on this site, we all know why, let’s just leave it at that.

Peace brothers and sisters, down with the New World Order, may Bill Gates and his billionaire buddies rot in hell.

22 thoughts on “Our Family Here At The Trenches

  1. I just want to add, you might ask yourselves, why are you writing this? Can’t Henry talk for himself?

    Well ill tell you kids, Henry is more than capable as you all very well know. Many years ago he asked me if I could help write for this awesome sight, I couldn’t say yes fast enough, ive been shooting my mouth of ever since, I was made to write for this site, I love it. Sometimes Im sure he cringes when he reads this stuff, but out of the respect we have for this site, each other, and all of you, it gets posted, its a good thing.

    Walk strong my friends..

    1. That was beautiful, Mark. Your writing has come so far. Great job!
      My computer died and I’ve been off the net for a while. Plus, when I get home from my min. wage job ( which I hate), I’m so worn out mentally and physically (I’m telling you, IT SUX! ), all I can do is try to get something together to eat and get to bed.
      Still recovering from Hubby’s death. Don’t know when I’ll be able to get back down to scatter his ashes, as I promised.
      Finally got things back up with the computer and net.
      Funny thing is that every time I do get online and think I’ve found something to post, someone has already posted it. ( That’s a good thing. Makes me happy. LOL)
      I’m still here, just not posting and commenting as I use to.
      ILU Brother, and All you Trenchers.
      Keep up the good work. We WILL prevail.
      Death to the NWO.

      1. Wow, ive been concerned about you Angel, its been seemingly forever since we have heard from you. Thank god your ok.. Thanks for the getting in touch, you’ve been around here longer than everybody except Henry and Laura. 🙂

        1. I’m OK. Doing my best to stay STRONG, in mind and body.
          Like diggerdan use to say, “Keep the Faith”.
          We are Trenchers. We are Family.
          Like you said, we stick together like sticky tape. 😉 😀 <3

  2. “…some here have questioned, “Why aren’t we doing anything”. And the answer is simple, it doesn’t work that way, that’s why….”

    Totally agree with that statement…and further, we each as individuals must individually stand for the Bill of Rights. If folks are too cowardly to defend their Bill of Rights individually, then how in the world would they do it collectively? Further, having known Rick McLaren and the whole “Republic of Texas” shtick, I know full well that “collectives” including so-called militias tend to get infiltrated, FBI or otherwise.

    1. Im really proud of you Katie on how your dealing with this clown in your town, what your doing is being watched by many, this kind of thing is 10 fold over using a gun, that damn writing device your using is waaay more effective in taking these bastards down.

      Hope everybody here can appreciate what it is your doing, strong stuff Katie..

  3. I’m the “village idiot” here at the Trenches, but I’ve learned so much from Henry and all the contributors here at the Trenches. Henry speaks the truth, and that is more rare than flawless diamonds in this world. Your articles come from the heart Mark, I know you will keep inspiring others with your words!

  4. Mark, your heart is true, as is Henry’s and all trenchers. See you at the liberty celebration. Carry on brother.

  5. Hard to add much Mark thank you.

    The Trenches is where we whom have totally had it with this criminal, vial, faux construct pretending to be “our” government; end up.!

    It is often a long journey for many to get here. But the spirit of rebellion is strong in all of us, and we totally know the sacrifices that created this nation.

    Time to take it back…

    I pray the Trump fks will wake up and figure out this Corp sold out clown is another compromised Globalist shill And is here to help foster the planned battle of the Two Sides… so it can usurped again!

    1. Hi Norm,

      When ever I write these articles I completely understand that they can be improved on tremendously, I always sit with anticipation knowing that you and others here will back me up with some damn good writing, that’s part of it. Start it off, and let you guys finish . Makes me try harder. I started reading Henrys work years ago, damn fine writer, have always tried to at least come close to his style, never going to happen.

      Thanks for everything you have given this site for these many years, I’m sure Henry and Laura have appreciated your words as well.

      1. Thanks Mark you too.

        I try to paste and share the trenches url everywhere I can to draw people here who are not quite awoke so to speak.

  6. i won’t be behind bars. i won’t be “seeking justice”.. letting the “court sort it out” .. i got arrested for… wait for it.. FAILURE TO OBEY.. godfukindammitt!! yeah.. that’s a real thing. it’s actually followed by pOlice/fireman.. yes.. FIREMAN! you have to obey a fireman.. yeah. i won’t be going to jail.. the only thing holding me back is the hell it would bring down on my mother.. my brothers are all in but my 75yo mother.. that’s just not cool.. but i expect any minute any day for that hell to come down whether i want it or not. second man. army of one.. that’s what we gotta do and DON’T TURN YOURSELF IN!! i will never h bee handcuffed again.

    1. Ive been cuffed more times than i want to admit morris. I’m no fkg mary poppins. have done some stupid shit in my life, bars is a bad thing, never again.

      My problems are going to be just plain old getting old shit. Not exactly a poster boy of good health either.

      But, fk em, Im all in …

  7. Have no fear Crazy Harry is here. I never left the family/site I just went silent for a while. I look at the site at least 2 times a day and find it informative and a better news outlet than main stream news and newspapers. My world has been a little ruff, 3 heart attacks, family deaths and my business taking a hit like everyone else. However believe me when I say I do seriously care about this site it is the truth and have enlightened folks as to this site. As for you regular writers/contributors you are doing great job and informative, don’t stop now keep up the awesome job. I promise to start once again putting in my any input I find relevant and maybe add a little knowledge and laughs. Beware Crazy Harry every mothers nightmare since 1958 is back so hide your daughters and lock up the booze, later people.

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