9 thoughts on ““Our Greatest Ally” Against The Corona Virus!

  1. The Immunization shot for the Flu Virus
    i have these questions

    whats in it?
    who developed it?
    who is manufacturing it?
    who profits from it?
    who was it tested on and for how long ?
    how do I know the syringe contains what its supposed to?
    how do I know the tests werent fudged?
    why did you lie about the dangers of H1N1 and pressure us all to get the H1N1 shot ?
    why does a government controlled by murderous sociopaths suddenly want me to inject this junk into my body sooooo badly?

    1. as my friend PJ often states “If you didn’t make it yourself you do not know what is in it”

    2. No doubt they have spread something around for us to catch, after all they want us dead. God knows the criminals have an anti virus syrum, thus is why you will never see one sick.

      Alcohol wipes, washing hands, and dont go to public places, this is what its co m.h e down to man. Keep a close eye on your kids, they are vulnerable as hell.
      Really have to watch where you go and what you do now, seriously. What ever this shit is, it hits fast and kills fast.
      Why Trump hasn’t CV listed our borders yet is a testament on how bad they want to thin the herd.

      The war has started…

      Vitamins C people, big doses.

      1. They have infected my phone to the point to where I can no longer write decent sentences.They are changing all of my words to crazy type wording.

        So if you see strange letters or wording, this is what’s happening. Somebody is fkg with my shit.

  2. Time to old school up people. Survive like our people did before government dependency plague. I’ll see you on the field. Thank you,Sir.

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