Overflooding dam threatens 500 million; US seizes 13 tons (26,000 pounds) of human hair from China

14 hours ago
More than 300 arrests in Hong Kong today as thousands took to the streets to protest. This, a day after Beijing passed its national security law.

It’s not just Hongkongers who are affected by the new law, but everyone in the world. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today said the ‘One country, two systems’ policy is now dead.

Taiwan’s navy practicing live fire drills simulating an enemy attack. A fleet of F-16 fighter jets carrying live MK-84 bombs.

Canada-China relations continue to deteriorate. This, after Chinese authorities sentenced a Canadian millionaire to eight years behind bars. Some say it’s in retaliation for Huawei CFO’s arrest.

And US customs officials seized 13 tons of human hair from China. There’s suspicion the beauty products are taken from Uighur concentration camps.

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