PA Trooper killer still on the loose, thousands of students at home, roads blocked


In one of the most unreported stories, a potential mass shooter Eric Frein who has threatened to kill more, has been on the loose for a week after shooting two Pennsylvania State police officers, killing one. Thousands of schools children are still required to stay home again today, roadblocks have been set up not permitting hundreds of people to go to their homes. What about pets and needed medications? Isn’t this a choice as to risk taking? (Roads have since been reopened). Who ordered the closing of the roads? Under what order? I first reported this story earlier in the week. Check out the link below for the original post.

PA Police shooter portrayed as right-wing nut job, he was anything but. UPDATES

They are spinning the shooting of two State police officers in Northeastern Pennsylvania as perpetrated by a right-wing survivalist. This from a local newspaper which cannot resist bringing up twice in the same story that he was involved in the school’s rifle team. It turns out he was anything but a right-wing nut case. Fox news is still spinning it as a “sharp shooting survivalist”, whatever that intends to mean. Picture just added by the Pocono Record newspaper. Updates as they come available. Why isn’t the media covering this?

PA Trooper Shooter Suspect Has MySpace Reference To Che Guevara, 13th Guards (Soviet Red Army Rifle Division)

Some stories have identified him as a “survivalist”, which some immediately are translating to “right wing nut”.

As with most things, best not to jump to conclusions till all the evidence is in.

In this case, it is clear from Frein’s MySpace account that he was an active participant in an Airsoft group, practicing shooting. There are a lot of connections to other Airsoft players.

There is also a connection to Che Guevara and 13th Guards. 13th Guards was a Soviet Red Army rifle division, also referenced on Call of Duty.

State police are searching for Eric Matthew Frein, who they say is armed with a high-powered rifle, extremely dangerous and the man they suspect in the fatal ambush shooting Friday at a Pike County state police barracks

Some people said they were more anxious about being unable to get home than Frein himself.

Piper said she was hoping to be able to change her clothes before heading to see her boyfriend perform a poetry reading Friday night.

“I’d like to get a little dressed up, not be in a sweatshirt and jeans,” she said.

Update: The search for Eric Frein at 6:40 a.m. today9/19/2014

Here is the latest on the search for suspected state police killer Eric Frein, 31, of Canadensis.

Friday September 19, 201

Lsit of schools closed today All Pocono Mountain School District schools

All East Stroudsburg School District schools

Monsignor McHugh School in Cresco

Notre Dame of East Stroudsburg

Evergreen Community School

UPDATES:Some Barrett residents can’t get to their homes tonight because of search9/18/2014

Many residents of Barrett Township were unable to reach their homes Thursday night as the search alleged for Blooming Grove shooter Eric Frein intensified.

“I was just coming from work,” said Gabby Piper, who said she lives near the Frein home. “I was following it on Facebook and I was like ‘well, guess I’m not going home tonight.’”

Barrett township firefighters set up a temporary shelter at their fire house for the displaced residents.

Firefighters whipped up grilled cheese sandwiches and residents donated hoagies and pizza to the shelter.

“This is so nice of them to provide this,” Sue Terry said.

“I’d rather be home, but I am glad this is here,” Gil Barreto said.

Shelter set up for Barrett/Price residents displaced by police activity9/18/2014

Barrett Township Fire Department has set up a shelter at the fire house for any Barrett and Price Township residents who have been displaced or cannot get to their homes due to the police activity in the area tonight, the Monroe County Office of Emergency Management says.

The Salvation Army Canteen has also been dispatched to the area of search.

ES North students at after-school activities evacuated to Middle Smithfield Elementary9/18/2014

Students who were at the East Stroudsburg North High School this evening for after-school sports practices are being evacuated from the area and…

Roads shut down in Barrett Township near home of Eric Frein’s parents– 9/18/2014 5:30pm

Police have shut down Route 447 from Lower Seese Hill Road to Bear Town Road and where Lower Seese and Bear Town intersect.

The Lower Seese Hill and Bear Town intersection is about 300 yards from the home of Eric Frein’s parents, which is on Seneca Lane, which runs into Mohican Road which leads to Bear Town Road.

Frein is wanted in the ambush at the state police barracks in Blooming Grove on Sept. 12. He is accused of killing state police Cpl. Bryon Dickson II and wounding Trooper Alex Douglass.

Traffic heading north on Route 447 is being around by police at the entrance to Alpine Mountain.

Eric Matthew Frein has been added to the FBI’s “Ten Most Wanted Fugitives” list.

He is known to be a heavy smoker, a weapons enthusiast, and a survivalist, and has studied the Russian and Serbian languages.

H/T and video over at :WFMZ

More at the Pocono Record. Check their front page “Top Stories box” section for continuing updates.

22 thoughts on “PA Trooper killer still on the loose, thousands of students at home, roads blocked

  1. Martial law but not openly declared. 2 appointments of mine had to reschedule yesterday because of the “lockdown”. It’s a comin’.

  2. Bahahaaha!! Here we go with the undeclared martial law scenario. Ferguson 2.0? Gotta keep fueling the false flag companies, one after another with no break in between.


    Is anyone else bored with this game?

  3. why would your average citizen be afraid of him, its the cops he’s shooting not us
    im sure the media, and cops wants us all scared and running from this guy, or wanting to be the one to say they found him, but as far as im concerned he’s not MY problem he is THEIR problem and its them he’s hunting ..not me

    he isnt going to show up at a school full of kids , or my home to do me any harm..if anything he might show up at a small police station or a squad car sitting by the side of the road while the cop is eating his morning pastry..
    some people are so easily taken off course .. his agenda is clear to me as well as you know its clear to them who he’s after, so all of this other shit is to inconvenience people so they will direct their anger about it, at the shooter, and not the cops

    1. I couldn’t have said it better myself, VRF. No reason to be afraid of him as long as you are not a cop, that is even IF you believe this bullshit false flag story.

      1. yep, and here is the “other thing”
        they are posting a reward, well ask those who gave up Chris Dorner how that bull crap went down.. they got stiffed and two women got almost murdered by the cops over being in the wrong place at the right time
        they always come up with a way to get out of paying up on their promises and people are remembering that too

    2. I’m as afraid of him as I am when Christopher Dorner was on the lamb,not on single bit. But I know that the cops have a lot of good reasons to fear this guy because I sure as hell fear them a lot more by their actions too. Hundred if not thousands of cops looking for him and do you think it would be the same if it were you that was shot at a red light? If the police state continues to grow which it IS going to what else is left that will accomplish anything!

      1. When the police state grows, there will be more than just one shooter shooting up policemen to the point that they won’t have the manpower to track and hunt down every single one of us. It’s just not possible. In that case, I’m assuming a nuclear option will be on the table for them since they like to go excessive on everything.

  4. Pure propaganda. Don’t rebel or give the cops what they deserve. The big bad all powerful GOVERNMENT FORCES will GET YOU! Its so shallow and transparent its like something out of 1984.

  5. im sure he’s probably out of that area or even that state…but
    I’m sure he won’t wander over into New York or New Jersey. After all, they have laws against owning AK47s in those states and we all know criminals follow the law.


  6. what if this is the cop killers reason for doing this..I just found this post on another story about this

    “The dead cop was involved in a nationwide child pornography ring! I s(hit you not! It’s on the news now!”

    maybe theres more to this that they wont ever tell us.. maybe this cop molested him, or one of his kids?

      1. I found the comment on a yahoo story about this..Im trying like hell to vet it , the guy said it was on CNN on TV.. it sounds like a reason for his actions, but Im not even sure of the news anymore ..could be complete bull ,, but it also might explain all of this too

        i’ll keep looking…if you find it will you post it?

        I dont intend to spread BS.. so maybe i should have waited

          1. I usually wouldnt post something without proof ,, it sounded credible and a good reason for his actions..

            I apologize to the entire FTTWWR if it is found to be a lie

            and if it is a lie i will ask for my posts to be removed.

            I know better then to trust a yahoo poster,, but it just sounded so possible.. who knows it could be legit and they will try like hell to cover it up

          2. Ive tried many ways to search this..the cops name ..thru CNN’s web site ..etc.. im not finding it..

            probably true , but I dont have anyway to link it to a story

            If you want you can delete all my posts about it


  7. What about Vicki Weaver, who was unarmed, holding a baby, and never offered a chance to surrender when she was shot through the head by an ATF sniper at Ruby Ridge? Where was the police outrage over that? Why wasn’t her murderer ever brought to justice?

    oh right ..hypocrites.., silly me

  8. My sister works in the Pocono school system, she remembers this kid being in the school. Her daughter Jen was in the same class as he was. At least in this case I now know that this is a real person, not some CIA actor.

  9. If your son just shot a cop, would you then tell his fellow blood thirsty cops that he, “is an excellent shot and does not miss.” Really? I guess having the state police “hunt” him down and suicide by cop him would take all those needed state cops away from their jobs, so they have the big bears doing it for them now, like one big happy costra nostra would.

  10. What Evidence are they basing this on??? Everything they are telling us that they have could have been planted or stolen. Waiting for something real. Not just police,” I heard and they say crap”

  11. Just in:UPDATE:
    September 19, 2014
    The Pennsylvania State Police are asking all residents of Barrett and Price Townships to shelter in place immediately.
    Please do not go outdoors and remain away from windows or openings to the outside.
    Police are in the process of searching the area.
    Please stay tuned to media outlets for further information.
    (Thanks for the link)

    1. Tell the police to go F**K themselves, grab everyone in the neighborhood and aim their guns at the police if they try to stop them from leaving their homes.


      Hang ’em all!

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