Lieu: ‘Would Love’ to Regulate Speech, But ‘First Amendment Prevents Me’

Breitbart – by Trent Baker

Wednesday on CNN, Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) said he “would love” to be able to regulate free speech, but lamented the First Amendment is preventing him.

“I would love to be able to regulate the content of speech,” Lieu stated. “The First Amendment prevents me from doing so, and that’s simply a function of the First Amendment. But I think over the long run, it’s better that government does not regulate the content of speech.”   Continue reading

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Congress Hid Illegal Legislation in Farm Bill to Further Support Horrific Genocide in Yemen and It Passed

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

Yesterday, Congress violated the Constitution and the War Powers Act by voting to block and further moves by Congress, to withdraw U.S. forces from the wholesale slaughter and genocide currently taking place in Yemen. This move was done using the Farm Bill.

Many Americans are wondering what, exactly, a Farm Bill has to do with genocide in Yemen. The answer to that question is absolutely nothing. However, it does make for a good hiding place for insidious and illegal legislation, which is why the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 contained a section which removed the application of the War Powers Resolution.   Continue reading

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Tucker Points Out Dems Don’t Support US-Mexico Border Wall But Support Israel’s Border Security

The Daily Caller – by Mike Brest

Fox News host Tucker Carlson talked about the hypocrisy of Democrats who support Israel’s border wall and not the U.S.-Mexico border wall President Donald Trump wants to build during “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Wednesday.

Prior to his interview with David Rubin, a former Israeli mayor, Carlson went after Democrats Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi for labeling Trump’s plan to build a wall along the country’s southern border as “immoral.”   Continue reading

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Hertz’s airport facial recognition program uses customer loyalty rewards to change public opinion


Americans no longer have to worry about the TSA (DHS) using facial recognition to spy on you and your family. Because private corporations and sports stadiums are doing their dirty work for them.

Two days ago, Hertz Global Holdings Inc., revealed their plans to install facial recognition fast lane car rentals at every airport.   Continue reading

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Inside the Philadelphia DA’s side hustle — selling seized homes to speculators and cops

Plan Philly – by Ryan Briggs

Maleny Vazquez remembers when the police came and took the house across the street. Vazquez has only lived on this block of Waterloo Street for a few years, but in this chaotic section of Kensington, riven by the drug trade, she has gotten used to seeing police empty homes.

“There were lot of guns and a lot of drugs in there,” she recalls. “They took 30 guns out of there.”   Continue reading

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Ron White on Paying for the War

Continue reading

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French Yellow Vest Protests Spread Through Europe To Belgium And The Netherlands

The Organic Prepper – by Robert Wheeler

Editor’s Note: When I watch the Yellow Vest protests in France, and now in other parts of Europe, I can’t help but wonder if this is where we, too, are headed here in the United States. Between widespread political divisiveness and an economy that is truly suffering – despite what you see on the news – people here are also fed up. Is it only a matter of time before people in the US take to the streets by the hundreds of thousands and say, “Enough?” It’s truly essential to watch what’s going on in Europe to get a glimpse at our potential future – and to prepare for it. ~ Daisy  

Continue reading

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Malware Purveyors Targeting Pirate Sites With Bogus DMCA Takedown Notices

Tech Dirt – by Tim Cushing

DMCA takedown abuse is nothing new. But it normally involves bogus takedown requests claiming copyright violations. TorrentFreak has uncovered a new form of abuse that involves the DMCA, but unlike normal copyright claims, doesn’t allow the target to contest the claims.   Continue reading

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Federally funded report explores the possibility of turning every mile of interstate highway into a toll road

Gov’t Slaves – The Newspaper

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine on Thursday released a report saying motorists ought to pay up to $70 billion in higher taxes and tolls every year. The 650 page document laid out the conventional argument of transportation officials who insist that drivers simply are not paying enough at the pump, DMV registration counters and toll booths.

Currently, about $25 billion is spent on interstate highway system improvement, with just $2.2 billion of that amount devoted to new construction. The study, funded by the Federal Highway Administration, examined the need to upgrade and repair the interstate highway system from the foundation up.   Continue reading

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As Gov’t Failed to Provide, Anarchists Stepped in to Help Fire Refugees Living in a Walmart Parking Lot

Free Thought Project – by Matt Agorist

The default sentiment among those who cannot think outside of the government is that people in need will starve if the government doesn’t step in and help them. While governments do provide necessary aid some of the time, the reality is that under nearly every government in the world, people starve while their rulers use their tax dollars to gorge themselves on gourmet dinners and live lavish lifestyles.

When people claim that the state is necessary in order to provide charity, often times they completely dismiss the fact that this “charity” is money taken from other people and redistributed. While there is certainly a benefit to the recipient, handing out someone else’s money is hardly a noble feat.   Continue reading

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Man whose house was blown up and shot by police seeks $120 million in damages

WGME 13 News

DIXMONT (BDN) — The man who police shot after blowing up his Dixmont house is seeking $120 million from the law enforcement agencies and officers involved in the 20-hour June standoff that preceded the explosion and shooting.

In a notice of claim sent Monday to the Maine State Police and other law enforcement agencies, attorneys for 62-year-old Michael Grendell requested $20 million in compensatory damages for the loss of his house and injuries, and $100 million in punitive damages.   Continue reading

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Cuomo tells feds Buffalo needs all 4 refugee agencies

WBNG 12 News

BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo says Buffalo’s four refugee resettlement agencies need to stay open because they provide critical support to newcomers who are helping revitalize New York state’s second-largest city.

The Democrat makes the argument in a letter Tuesday to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, whose agency lowered the national refugee cap this year to 30,000.   Continue reading

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House passes $867 billion farm bill, sending it to Trump

The Hill

The House on Wednesday passed an $867 billion farm bill to help those in the agricultural industry, sending the legislation to President Trump for a signature.

The measure easily passed the lower chamber by a 369-47 vote after overwhelmingly passing the Senate the previous day, capping off months of negotiations.   Continue reading

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Flashback: Israeli Firm Chosen To Build Prototype Of US-Mexico Border Wall

Jerusalem Post, September 13, 2017

Elta North America, an Israeli-owned defense manufacturer with US headquarters in Maryland, was one of four companies chosen to build a prototype for the border wall between the United States and Mexico.

The company is a subsidiary of Israel Aerospace Industries. Some 200 companies vied for the tenders, which will provide a $300,000 to $500,000 grant to develop a model. The tender was announced late last week.   Continue reading

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Senior Israeli Lawmaker Calls for Killing All Palestinians, “Because they are just Nazis Anyhow”

Global Research – by Days of Palestine

Chair of the Defence Committee at the Israeli Parliament Avi Dichter has called for killing all the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

As he was commenting on the peaceful protests of the Great March of Return taking place along the eastern fence of the Gaza Strip, he said:   Continue reading

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Fort to restage 1776 Christmas riot involving US soldiers

Middletown Press

TICONDEROGA, N.Y. (AP) — The first Christmas at Fort Ticonderoga under the newly formed United States was a riot — literally.

Staff and volunteers at the upstate New York tourist attraction and museum will stage a re-enactment this weekend of what’s known as the Christmas riot of 1776, when Pennsylvania soldiers attacked Massachusetts militiamen.   Continue reading

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Elderly lady handcuffed outside in her underwear because of flowers growing in her yard.

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Bernie Sanders: America is ‘owned and controlled by a small number of multi-billionaires’


The power and greed of billionaires in the United States is threatening the country.

So says Bernie Sanders, the 77-year-old senator from Vermont who tried unsuccessfully to win the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016.   Continue reading

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NJ State Police to launch Nazi-style door-to-door gun magazine confiscation campaign… at gunpoint, of course… NJ declares WAR on its own residents

Natural News – by Mike Adams

A New Jersey law that makes it a felony to possess a gun magazine capable of holding over 10 rounds of ammunition is now active. This wildly unconstitutional law instantly criminalizes hundreds of thousands of New Jersey citizens who legally acquired normal capacity firearms magazines — which include 17-round pistol magazines and 30-round rifle magazines — as tools of self-defense against the very same violent criminals that are protected by the Democrats who passed the gun magazine ban.   Continue reading

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Finally Released: Censored Al Jazeera Documentary Exposes Israel-Backed Attacks on US Activists

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