122,255 votes cast in Iowa’s Republican caucus, 248,485 in New Hampshire’s primary, for a total of 370,740 votes cast, and it is decided, Mitt Romney will be the GOP candidate for the 2012 Presidential Election.  That’s right, 370,740 people have made the choice for 300 million.  Don’t laugh.  This is the false reality being put forth via the mainstream propaganda machine.  They have even began speculating as to who will be Romney’s running mate and matching Romney against Obama in their absolutely accurate opinion polls.

Never in the history of this nation has been there been such a concerted effort to shove a lie down the people’s throats.  What kind of arrogance does it take to think you can just put forth a dictate over the airwaves and enforce it through the adage of “talk to the hand?”
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With only 20% of the vote in for the New Hampshire primaries, Romney is giving his acceptance speech as CNN has projected him to win.  This is a fraud of the highest degree.  To predict any outcome with only 20% of the vote calculated is bullshit.

Think of what you have just witnessed.  The mainstream media dictated the percentages through their fraudulent polls and with only 20% of the vote in made those polls the election results.  I guess they can always make the Diebold Voting Machines they are using give the correct number of Dr. Paul’s votes to the other candidates to make it all come out right in the morning.
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Well New Hampshire, you’re up.  There are a lot of patriots among you who want the restitution of our Republic under our Constitution, and be assured the international corporate mafia has already put the fraud in place to change the election results.  Do not be deterred.  If you come out in mass the fraud will have to be a large one and the chances of one of our people catching them with a smoking gun is all the better.

Once again the fraudulent opinion polls are being manipulated to show a large portion of voters undecided.  I do not believe it for a minute.  This number is being held back for the purpose of falsifying the results.
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We the American people know what has caused the drastic fall of our country.  And as more and more of us become awake and aware of the fact that our demise was, and continues to be, purposefully orchestrated by those who would enslave us, the elitist think tanks are working overtime to devise a strategy that will allow the status quo to finish us off.

The New Hampshire GOP primaries are coming up tomorrow following two debates over the weekend.  It has become clear that the status quo would like a presidential race featuring Barack Obama versus Mitt Romney.  So why would Mitt Romney be acceptable as the new figurehead for the international insurgency against we the people?
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