The new jobless claims number dropped, plummeted, plunged to a measly, insignificant 405,000.  Obama did it.  Full employment, how could we have ever doubted him for a moment?  Now we can all pitch in some of our new found wealth to get rid of those draconian unfair taxes on the profits of the rich.

Personally I have not been sleeping well, knowing of the deplorable condition the rich are finding themselves in.  They should have never been taxed.  It is wrong, it has always been wrong.  And let’s face it, it would have never been necessary had it not been for the insatiable greed of the old, the poor, the sick, and the most deplorable of all, those goddamn greedy bastards, in the middle class who seem to think the world owes them the right to work and earn a living.
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Neo-cons and socialists alike were cheering as Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, hinted of a QE3, which means more stimulus dollars for the rich.  The DOW shot up 170 points but calmed to about 44 by the end of the day.  I guess the thieves thought twice about taking so much profit in one lump so late in the week as the new jobless claim numbers will be coming out today.  I swear sometimes their duplicity shines.

Stuart Varney, the staunch right wing conservative, could hardly sit still and was downright giddy in announcing the possibility of QE3 and pointing out its positive effect on the stock market.
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President Obama, if anyone cares to still call him that, has enacted new reporting rules for firearms sales in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California using some illogical logic combining the Tucson, Arizona shooting and the fact that firearms from the United States are being used by the drug lords to commit crimes.

To start with, Jared Lee Laughner is so deranged that he could have very easily used a motor vehicle in his crime and done just as much, if not more, damage.  As for the guns in Mexico, the Mexican drug cartels can buy their guns any where they want.  They just choose the United States because they can buy the weapons directly from the ATF, who provides them security in taking them back across the border, and also in bringing the drugs into the United States to pay for them.
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The lies of the propaganda machine came crashing down this past week.  All the sunshine they had been blowing up our arses in reporting that the economy and jobs were getting better, was shown to be a pack of lies.

It is amazing, right up until the crash in 2008, the so called economists told bald faced lies in reference to the upcoming crash that they knew was on the way.  Through the lies the general population lost more money in the phony stock market crash than they would have had they known the truth.  And of course all of this was common knowledge…for a while.
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Does everyone remember back when the Euro was being made the new European currency?  The Euro was introduced to the world markets back in 2002.  Since then look what has happened.  The international bankers have used it and the debt attached to destroy Europe as surely as the dollar is being used to destroy the United States.

It looks like Italy will be the next world power to suffer for the international fraud committed by Lehman Brothers.  Are the Italians working any less hard than they were back in 2002?  Are they producing less?  No, but somehow their country will go bankrupt if they cannot get another bailout at 30% interest.  This is deliberate destruction.  How the countries of this world allow themselves to be lulled into this trap escapes me.
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Well this week has started out pretty much as predicted with both sides of the false left-right paradigm trying to use our misery to further their agendas.  They say we must raise the debt ceiling….or else!   The phony left says they cannot go forward because the phony right will not give in on tax hikes.  The phony right is saying they cannot go forward because the phony left will not allow them to take Social Security and Medicare unless the phony right agrees to tax hikes.

This whole scenario is as staged as a Broadway production.  All of these bastards in the one party system know that this country has already gone bankrupt.  Hell we have been living in receivership for a hundred years.
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There is an old saying, “Good fences make good neighbors” and that assertion has proven to be fact on the U.S./Mexican border.  Because we lack a fence we are seeing our neighbor’s bad behavior spilling over our border and affecting us in our own lives.  41 Mexicans were killed on Monday in Mexico and because we have no fence the incident is being described as a threat to our security.  Well, duh.

It has evidently become our concern that that Mexican Zetas, which are ex-Mexican military special forces that received enhanced training in the United States, are now vying for control of the Mexican drug cartels that they started out as private armies for.  And today we have to wonder if some of those people shot in Mexico were not killed using guns sold to the Zetas by our ATF, of which said sales were sanctioned by our government from the President down.
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This article was posted in Time’s online site on July 5th, no doubt as a reaction to the cry of foul by the patriot community that shook the net after their July 4th Time Magazine cover and article attempting to shred our Constitution.

The $1.3 trillion mentioned in this article would be a step in the right direction.  And if it only turned out to be a trillion and would only take us to next summer and the heart of the 2012 election with a new debt ceiling crisis, I’m sorry, but that would be perfect.

As for Time’s contention that it would look bad if we made the Fed tear up this phony debt, well I hate to pop anyone’s bubble, but it already looks bad, like the surface of the water does to a drowning person going down for a third time.
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As the investigation into the ATF’s selling guns to the Mexican drug cartels expands, in the wider picture the international insurgency into the United States being conducted by Mexican nationals and traitors within our own government is expanding accordingly.  It is now being revealed that FBI agents were using US tax dollars to purchase guns for the drug cartels without the US Congress having any knowledge of these actions.

What is being called a “botched operation” is in reality a blatant act of treason for monetary gain.  And as, right or wrong, these actions happened and are happening during a time of war, those committing treason should be facing the death penalty.  But this will never happen, because at the top of this treasonous insurgency is the same international banks that have and continue to commit international fraud unfettered in literally every country around the world.
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