Two hundred and thirty-six years ago today, George Washington was commissioned by Congress as the Commanding General of the Continental Army, which had already been engaged in hostilities since April 19th of that year.  I guess this is where Congress gets the idea that they are the ones with the authority to levy war.

They did so quite efficiently without a president, and what in reality is a president, but a glorified clerk necessitated by the fact that 320 million of us can’t fit in the same room to sign a document.  Thus he is our agent and acts only under our consent, because ultimately we are responsible for our decisions.
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Former Minnesotan Governor Jesse Ventura appeared on Follow the Money with Eric Bolling, to promote his new book, “63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read.” In his latest work, Ventura covers sixty-three documents that the government has released to the public forum. These documents cover a range of topics from the J.F.K. Assassination to 911. In an attempt to paint the former Governor as a “conspiracy nut”, Bolling made the 911 topics covered in the book the main subject of the interview.
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Well the filthy rich thieving corporations had their best week on Wall Street in two years as the U.S. economy continues to go down the tube.  And the mainstream propagandists are out there vehemently defending subsidies the corporations get for their private jets, saying that they need the ease of mobility and that the jets are a legitimate corporate write-off.

It just so happens that I have been reading a book written by one of the corporate elite about the corporate elite.  These jets are status symbols for the international rich who have allegiance to any country and call the world their own.   This “necessary” transportation comes complete with whirl pool baths and on duty chefs.
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Another week another 428,000 out of work and the propagandists were belittling the situation from the moment the words came out of their mouths, saying, “The stock market’s rallying.  The Chicago PMI is up from 56.6 to 61.1.”  In talking about the stock market they are saying they don’t know why the market is going up in the face of such high jobless numbers, maybe it is because of Greece.  Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.  This is how it goes.

The more we lose, they more they get.  When a person loses their job and then their home, there is a real effect.  Let’s say that home was originally purchased at $80,000 and by the time the compound, compound interest was added, the mortgage came out to $160,000.  The person who lost their job and was foreclosed on had paid $80,000 before going into foreclosure.  That $80,000 represents real wealth as does the original property.
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Our illustrious leader, Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat AKA Slick Tongue Slingin’ Dung, put on an exclusive performance before a group of select propaganda agents yesterday.  Or as they put it, he held a press conference.  The questions were notably scripted to elicit campaign slogans.  I think the other candidates should get equal time, don’t you?

Barry said that he knows there are a lot of us out here hurting and that he would help us if only those bad old Republicrats would let him.  Kind of funny, those Republicrats are saying they are desperate to help us too, but those bad old Democans won’t let them.
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The mainstream propagandists are up-scaling their attack on the people of Greece.  Apparently they have it coming.  They are a lazy people who have been living fat for the past twenty years and now that the bills are coming in they are acting like a bunch of spoiled children in not wanting to pay.  Anyway this is what the propagandists would have you believe.

The fact is the Greek people are hard working and industrious and have every reason to be raising hell over the draconian austerity measures being implemented on them.   You see it isn’t because the Greek people have been living fat that has put them on the edge of bankruptcy.
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U.S. District Court Judge Thomas Thrash blocked parts of Georgia’s immigration law until legal challenges are resolved.  The Senate has reintroduced the Dream Act.  The majority of the American people are vehemently against any form of amnesty for the invaders who have breached our southern border and are infiltrating our body politic, in an attempt at an insurgency aimed at the capture of part or all of our county.

When our founding fathers went to war against the British crown one of the main causes was taxation without representation.  A majority of United States citizens want our borders sealed and every single criminal illegal alien deported.  We are experiencing our taxation, where is our representation?
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In the face of an eleventh week of first time unemployment filings of over 400,000, not one damn thing is being considered by our Congress, Senate, nor President to address the issue.  Instead the propaganda machine is flooding the airwaves with lies that have become so old and antiquated that watching them can only make us shake our heads in disgust.

After having to admit that the job situation in reality has never gotten one bit better, but is indeed getting worse every day, the propagandists are now saying that there are actually jobs everywhere to the extent that those unemployed are tripping over help wanted signs on the way to the unemployment office.  This is ridiculous to the point of being Orwellian.
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