We have a new unemployment rate, 8.5%.  This number is an unmitigated lie and is an affront to the facts.  The unemployment rate is being dropped by simply saying hundreds of thousands more long term unemployed just stopped looking for work and have accepted their new life of poverty.

Here are the facts.  Net, millions more American workers are unemployed than were last year and no matter how many ways the lie is told this fact remains unchanged.  They say 200,000 jobs were added in December.  By the so called experts’ own assertions, it would take 250,000 jobs to keep the unemployment rate at an even keel in keeping up with our young people entering the workforce.  Now this is not to mention the tens of thousands of illegals crossing our borders every month.
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372,000 new unemployment filings for the week and this number, coupled with the claim of 200,000 new jobs created in December, is being used by the mainstream propaganda machine to purport a strengthening recovery.  Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie.  I know no one in the 99% believes this crap, except for a pathetic handful who believe that if they keep themselves inserted in the arse of the status quo and completely deny reality, the worst thing that is going to happen to them is that they will have to put up with the stink.

Well I have a message for these mush minded zombies.  There is no escape.  The only thing that is going to prevent the elite that you are sucking up to from destroying you, is the fact that the patriot American people of the American race are going to destroy you first.  Your pathetic “going along to get along” has gone along about as far as it is going to get.  There are only two sides to the fence and every time you puff your puss guts up and step up in front of the cameras to parrot one of the party line messages you have been fed by your masters, you are tagged.
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The treasonous soviet insurgent Barack Obama has, through the enactment of his executive dictate put into force January 1, 2012, invited any and every foreign national from around the world to come to the United States and take whatever they want from we the people.  The United States now has no immigration law and any state that tries to enforce its own laws is being attacked, using the very resources taken from those state citizens by the federal government.

In a shocking and unprecedented move last week, the Obama administration reversed the nation’s illegal immigration policy. US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) announced new measures in dealing with illegal immigrants. Instead of accepting custody of illegal aliens for deportation, ICE will now only accept illegal immigrants who have been arrested, tried and convicted of a separate criminal offense. In short, illegal immigration is no longer considered a crime by the Federal government.            Source

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The corporate elite have effectively gotten away with the duplicity they perpetrated in the Iowa Caucuses.  Now the mainstream propaganda machine is setting the stage for the next act of treachery to be perpetrated in New Hampshire.  On MSNBC one of the treasonous propagandists said that the Ron Paul thing is all over with now and we can get down to the real issues.

Ask yourself, why are the self-proclaimed enemies of the Republicrats so in love with Mitt Romney and why has there not been an in depth investigation and reporting on Rick Santorum’s past, but rather a continuing avocation for him in the mainstream.  The fact is there is no more difference between Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, Jon Huntsman, and Barack Obama than there was between George Bush, John McCain, and Obama.
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The mainstream propagandists are aglow this morning, thinking they have gotten over on the American people.  It is being reported that Dr. Paul came in third in the Iowa Caucus and that Mitt Romney got 3,796 more votes than Paul, and Rick Santorum came in second with 8 fewer votes than Romney.  Entry polls and exit polls showed Ron Paul with a commanding lead and in no way did the vote count jive with these polls, raising the question as to why.

What fraud was committed cannot yet be ascertained as the website Transparent Vote was overwhelmed and apparently it’s operators are working to get it back up at present.  I believe the vote was manipulated, to what extent like I said is yet to be ascertained.
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Iowans, you are up.  It is time to go forth and do.  It is time to show the international elite that we the American people of the American race are not going to be denied our right to our Republic under our Constitution.  Today patriotic Iowans are going to shove the fraudulent corporate opinion polls so far down the throats of the corporate owned propagandists, that there is going to be no doubt as to extent of the rejection of the propaganda machine that has been herding the people of the United States down the status quo path to slavery for the past fifty years.

Iowans, when you go forth to caucus, do so with your hearts filled with defiance for the status quo insurgent government that just finished passing legislation through our House and Senate that removes we the people’s Bill of Rights from the United States Constitution.  Know without question that the dictator Obama has signed this legislation and that we must all stand in defiance to put down this insurgency and restore our Republic under our Constitution with the people’s rights restored therein.
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Tomorrow the people of Iowa will come forth to Caucus and the rest of us will find out just how far the neo-con elite are willing to go in committing blatant election fraud in their attempt to stop the Ron Paul Revolution.  The propaganda attack on Dr. Paul has become as vicious as a pack of hyenas on a lamb.  Unfortunately for these hyenas, Dr. Paul is proving to be a wolf in lamb’s clothing, countering every attack and calling the propagandists out on their own forum, as the low down deceitful traitors to our country that they are.

Every Tom, Dick, Harry, Linda, Delilah, and Louise who are supposed to represent some claim to perfection that the rest of us are void of, are coming forth to make their endorsements for the candidate we should choose.  Any person that would vote for a candidate based on an endorsement from a person that is not a close friend or a member of their family is a mush-minded mental midget that should not be allowed to vote.
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