Alex Jones of is reporting that the Occupy Wall Street protests have been co-opted by the democratic social communists.  Jones has gone on to say that our people no longer control the protests and the message.

I tell everyone reading this article; Alex Jones must be considered one of the most dangerous propagandists in the field.  While he is saying out of one side of his mouth that our people on the streets are losing the battle to the communists, out of the other side of his mouth he is coming to the defense of the Koch brothers.  Every free thinking patriot knows that the Koch brothers financed the neo-con’s attempt to take over the grassroots Tea Party.
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The new debate seems to be are the Occupy Wall Street and End the Fed movements being taken over and if so by whom?  This is proving to be a difficult question to answer and I will tell you why.  The grassroots movements cannot be taken over as they are made up of individuals acting in coordination with one another.  Look at it like this, if every communist and socialist comes to the rallies trying to take over, when their failure finally forces them to return home, nothing they say or do is going to stop we as individuals from voting Ron Paul into office, restoring our Republic, and driving the communist and socialists out with the rest of the scum.

Michele Bachmann says that the Occupy Wall Street and End the Fed protests have nothing in common with the Tea Party protests.  And speaking from her perspective as a neo-con trying to claim the Tea Party as her own, she is right.  The social communists and the neo-cons have absolutely nothing to do with the grassroots patriotic movement and we are going to show them just how insignificant they all are when the 2012 election rolls around.
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The federal government is cracking down on medical marijuana growers, emphasizing its efforts in California and spreading the crackdown to the other fourteen states where the use and production of medical marijuana has been legalized.  The reasoning that is being put forth is that the marijuana being grown in the states where it is legal to do so, is being transported and sold throughout the country.

We all remember Barack Obama’s 2008 campaign promise saying that he and his federal government would leave the medical marijuana states alone.  So what has changed?  I wanted to get to the truth, so I went to the trenches.  I talked to several growers, both commercial and private, and this is what I found.
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Even before the candidates for the 2012 election were being considered, our oppressed population at large was already pulling for the Congressman Ron Paul as our candidate in our private conversations.  When the candidates started stepping up and showing themselves it became heir apparent to all that Dr. Paul would be the man to beat, as we the people have become resolute in our determination to break the stranglehold of the false left-right paradigm and reinstitute our Republic under our Constitution.

This time around Ron Paul did not have to seek our support.  This time the people were calling upon him.  And when he stepped up and even went as far as to say he would give up his Congressional seat in order to make his run absolute, the deal was sealed.
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It has been ten years of bloody war in Afghanistan, marked by anti-war protests around the country.  And as we the people become more indignant and intolerant of the atrocities being committed in our names around the world, the mainstream media is quite naturally trying the minimize the situation, as the 2012 election and the perpetuation of the status quo is now front and center.

It indeed must be considered quite a chore to sell foreign wars to the unemployed citizens losing their homes and pensions and watching their dollars devaluate before their very eyes.
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It is a miracle.  Little did we know, and indeed we are just finding out, that our country has, in actuality, been experiencing a boom throughout this last summer.  Car sales are up, construction jobs are up, and wages are soaring.  The propagandists actually have the gall to put this shit out there thinking someone is going to eat it.  This can only be described as a panic move.

The mass protests that are exploding throughout our nation to 45 states are getting minute coverage in the mainstream at best.  I think we all can remember the protest in Cairo, Egypt as they literally dominated the mainstream media for more than a month in the US.  This one example should be proof positive that the mainstream news agencies in the United States are not there to report the news, but rather to push propaganda that furthers the international corporate mafia’s agenda.
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The mainstream propagandists are pushing their deceit yet again saying 103,000 jobs were created in September.  This number is bullshit in so many ways.  45,000 Verizon workers returned to work after being on strike and they actually admitted to 50,000 running out of unemployment and being removed from the number.  So that is 95,000 that represented absolutely no change from August to September, leaving 8,000 new hires for the American based companies.  And what do you want to bet all 8,000 were in China, India, and South Korea?  Remember, the slaves over there still count on the books here.

Also, the numbers for August were revised and 57,000 new hires just appeared out of nowhere.  Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.  All that has happened here is that the propagandists, acting under orders from their corporate masters, have wantonly put forth another batch of blatant lies.  And why?  Because the natives are growing restless.  The war drums are pounding in the mountains.  The people are in the streets.  And the elite are scared shitless as well they should be.
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The worm has turned and the movement is uniting from every angle.  The true grassroots Tea Party, the true grassroots Occupy Wall Street movement, and the true Occupy the Fed movement are merging to become a freedom, liberation army for the reinstitution of the Republic under the Constitution.  The international elitists see our army forming and their fear and desperation is becoming more evident by the day.

The mainstream propagandists have come to the point that they are visibly angered and shaken by their failure to manipulate we the American people of the American race.  The propagandists are now striking out as the inconceivable uprising becomes reality.
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