Well we made it through Christmas so what lies ahead?  There will be that quiet lull between Christmas and New Years and then we start the whole thing over again.  Many states are facing a budget shortfall, which means they will be looking for bailouts from the federal government.  We need to remember that every state is in reality just another business, or in this case, failing business.  Like Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac.

When the failing states (businesses) come for the bailouts we will see the same scenario.  You see states are too big to fail and if they are allowed to do so it could cost millions of jobs and a double dip recession. They will continue to use the same catch-all excuse until somebody either calls their bluff or the whole country is finally thrown into bankruptcy.
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A suspected Taliban suicide bomber killed 41 people and injured scores more in Khar, the administrative center of Pakistan’s insurgency-hit Bajaur district on the Afghan border, on Christmas day.  The bombing comes a day after Taliban insurgents launched coordinated assaults on security forces in a neighboring district that left 11 soldiers and 24 militants dead.   In the bombing 30 were killed instantly after which 11 more died in the hospital.

The people of Pakistan have to be asking, “How in the hell did we ever get caught up in this mess?”  I guess what happened is some terrorists from another country illegally crossed their borders and came into their country in order to hide and train in their mountains.
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North Korea is making new threats of nuclear war in retaliation to planned sea maneuvers which will be conducted by South Korea in the coming days.  Many are speculating that the renewed threats are just that, threats designed to draw attention and possibly future concession from the United States.

North Korea was threatening to use nuclear warheads just last week if the South Koreans went through with live fire exercises as planned.  Of course we all know that the South Koreans did go through with the exercises and the North Koreans did not retaliate.

Others are speculating that North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-il, is using the situation to indoctrinate his generals into the acceptance to his son’s succession to power.
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Peace on Earth, good will toward men.  Sounds like a noble pursuit but every day we move further away from that reality.  The propaganda brainwashing of the day is centered on selfishness and greed.  It has become a virtue to acquire those thirty pieces of silver by any means under the guise that it creates jobs.

I expect any day to see a remake of The Passion wherein Judas is portrayed as a caring business man who rose above those in his poor company through brilliant ingenuity.  And then portraying Christ as an undesirable trying to disrupt commerce and hurt the economy.
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Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse; So why was it so quiet? I’ll tell you, I know, The house was repoed some six months ago;

There was no stocking, no tree, no hope, not a care, Which makes perfect good sense as there was nobody there; The kids were long gone; it was as if they were dead, You see CPS took them because of something I said.

Mama in her long johns and I just a cap, Had lain down in our tent for a long winter’s nap; When out in the park there arose such a clatter, I jumped to my knees and said, “Now what’s the matter?”
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The Swiss and Chilean Embassies in Rome were bombed yesterday morning, setting the tone for a fear filled Christmas holiday.  It is being speculated that the bombs might be the work of anarchists as there have been anti-government protests throughout Italy this past week. The two bombs that exploded injured two staffers which are reportedly in serious condition.  Italian foreign minister, Franco Frattini called the attack a “deplorable act of violence” and offered Italy’s support to the embassy staff and injured.

Tuesday a bomb was found in a subway in Italy.  As it had no detonator, it is believed that it was meant to be a warning as a precursor to the live bombs which exploded yesterday.  The incident is being compared with another which occurred in Greece on November 2nd wherein there were mail bombs sent to 14 different embassies, including the Swiss Embassy of which two exploded, however no injuries were reported.
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The stock market continues to rise as the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  The international corporate mafia is seeing maximum profits on the $4 billion they invested in the 2010 elections.  Never in the history of this nation has the purchase of political power been so blatantly obvious.  The advocates of the elite are at present holding up a bill that would provide health care and cash benefits to those who were once deemed 911 Heroes.

Many are asking the question how those in the Senate can possibly justify ignoring the plight of the first responders.  Well, they began by using their massive propaganda machine to instill into the American psyche that it is okay to ignore the suffering of 7 million 99ers who lost their jobs through no fault of their own.
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Amanda Knox of Washington State was granted an appeal in the Italian courts.  Knox, a foreign exchange student, was convicted of sexual assault and the murder of Meredith Kercher, one of her roommates on November 1, 2007 in Perugia, Italy.  Knox is presently serving a 26 year sentence for her part in the crime.  Knox’s trial was widely reported on in the United States.  She has professed her innocence at every occasion to date.

Knox was granted the equivalent of a new trial on Saturday at which she will bring up inconsistencies in DNA evidence as cause for the action.  Apparently at the trial prosecution DNA experts and experts for the defense drew completely opposite conclusions in reference to DNA found at the crime scene.  It is reported that Knox believes that an independent review of the forensic evidence will clear her of any involvement in the crime.
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99ers held candlelight vigils across the nation Monday night.  No one knows how many participated as the event went unreported by the mainstream media.  The vigil appears to have had no effect.  Why?  Well I will tell you.  The international corporate mafia consists of hard core criminals.  They are not impressed by candlelight vigils.  Their modus operandi is to divide and rule by force, and until the 99ers realize that the only way to defeat force is through force, we are doomed to obscurity.

How naive it is to think that anyone who works for our enemies is going to do anything to help us.  The traitors that occupy our highest seats of power see us as no threat to their structure.  Why?  Because we do not have wealth and our numbers are too fragmented and our cause too undefined to effect change.  They own the mainstream media which is too heavily relied upon by us for communication.  These propagandists must be considered their front line troops as they have a vested interest in seeing the plans of the international corporate mafia succeed.
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With the decline in value of world currencies the price of gold is going through the roof.  It is at the writing of this article at $1,388 per ounce, which would lead one to think that the present gold boom going on in Nigeria would be a good thing for the Nigerian people.  Not so.  Nigerian farmers have had their land destroyed by large mining operations leaving them with no other way to make a living than to dig ore out of the ground and crush it in order to retrieve the precious metal which they then sell to the large operations that destroyed their land.

Nigerians are now finding out that in the process of crushing the ore to obtain the gold they have been releasing lead dust which they and their children have breathed and is causing them to die by the score.  UNICEF and other agencies regularly come in to clean up the mining sites but the time they have accomplished their task it is too late.
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Northern Europe is experiencing brutal winter weather.  Snow and freezing temperatures have stranded thousands of travelers as flights both in and out of London’s Heathrow Airport are being canceled.   The ice is also apparently affecting rail service.  The storms have been so severe that the transportation agencies have been unable to clear the snow and ice from the runways and rails, leaving many travelers frustrated and angry.

Officials said a five-inch snowfall in one hour Saturday left Heathrow blanketed in snow, and subsequent swings in temperature led to an extensive ice buildup around aircraft parked on the ground. Officials also said “every available” staff member and several hundred additional contractors are trying to get the airport moving again.
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The American 99ers Union held a nationwide candlelight vigil last night.  If these people ever had an original thought it was lonely.  I’m telling everybody reading this that I am on the verge of pulling this site as I will not have the strategies developed in the Think Tank used to promote the cause of socialism.

I had contact a while back from Gregg Rosen, co-founder of American 99ers Union, wherein he asked me why I so vehemently attacked his organization.  To which I replied that I would never accept socialism as a remedy for unemployment.  In his next email he stated emphatically that the American 99ers Union was not a socialist organization.  Continue reading “99ers Cannot Allow Socialism to Prevail”

Well the multi-million dollar propagandists have achieved in assuring that every multi-billionaire can afford a new Mercedes Benz in the coming year.  So what is next on their agenda?  They are now expounding like evangelist preachers that the hands of the rich are being tied by that nasty old minimum wage.

The current federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.  A typical family of four with both adults working 40 hours per week at minimum wage is $30,160 in a year.  After state taxes, Social Security, Medicare, and health care expenses are figured into the equation, the average family of four with both parents working is living at or below the poverty level.  This being said it should seem absolutely reasonable to all concerned that they should settle for less.
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The people of Haiti are still suffering as a result of an earthquake, a hurricane, and a cholera outbreak, all of which occurred this year.  Many country’s agencies and organizations are working to help the Haitian people.  They have brought in food, tents, clothing, medical supplies, and physicians to administer to them.  All these people deserve the highest praise, especially in a world where compassion for our fellow human beings has come to represent weakness.

You see, today’s psyche professes that human beings should ignore the suffering of the weak as they are consuming without producing.  Haiti has been brought back front and center in the news, the past week or so, prompting those with a conscience to push for further aid.
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Arkansas’ Ex-Governor Mike Huckabee, commenting on Fox News, addressed the issue of the long term unemployed.  He put forth the same rhetoric designed at demonizing the 99ers that has become a mainstay of the mainstream propagandists.  They always say the word 99er before stating that the existence of unemployment deters the unemployed from looking for work, confusing the issue in indicating that the 99ers will not find work because they are receiving unemployment.  This is a propagandist con man trick.  Every time one of these scum bags tries to use it we must immediately counter with the undeniable fact that 99ers are receiving no unemployment.
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The situation between North and South Korea is reaching critical mass, pun intended.  The South Koreans are obstinately insisting that they will go forward with live fire drills which the North has stated will cause retaliation.

Bill Richardson, Governor of New Mexico, is presently in North Korea attempting to calm the situation and keep the peace.  He evidently has put forth several proposals, but at present is refusing to release the details to the public.
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The United States Justice Department is at present exploring every thought and theory in an effort to find a charge that can be brought against WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange.  Among the ideas floating around is a possible conspiracy charge, which would involve proving that Assange had some kind of prior involvement with the young sergeant that leaked the contents of the government documents.

There is even talk of asserting that Assange acted as a middle man between the leaker and the real press, like the New York Times.  It would appear that the mainstreamers are trying to set the stage for a scenario wherein the United States government will be defining who is and who is not a news person.
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The midnight Congress overwhelmingly passed the Bush era tax cuts extensions for the top 2%.  The so called conservative Republicans are calling the passage a victory for the American people.  But what does the passage of the bill really equate to?  Well this is what happened.  Our so called representatives were given a choice.  Let the Bush era tax cuts sunset, which was a part of the original bill, or borrow billions of dollars to continue paying taxes for the rich.  They chose the latter.

So now the taxes of the top 2% will be paid by our grandchildren.  By the time the smallest among them reaches maturity they will be $500,000 in debt.  The children of the rich are assured a life of prosperity and being served by the children of the poor. The rich have been careful to throw enough scraps to the middle class to keep them complacent for a couple more years while they whittle away at its lower tiers.
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Demopublicans and Republicrats became as one to pass the tax cuts extensions for the top 2% at the eleventh hour.  They had played the game as long as they possibly could, though they have saved enough time to push through the legislation that is truly important to their commie arses, and that is, “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”  They should all make it home in time to open their elaborate Christmas presents from the filthy rich.

Of course the 99ers are told once again, “Eat snow.”  The fact is the Demorats could have passed tax cut legislation excluding the top 2% back when they had their super-majority. Continue reading “99er Unemployed, the Top 2% get theirs, 99ers Left to Rot in a Hole in the Ground”

Could a Tier 5 realistically be passed at this late date?  The answer is yes.  The House at present has the Bush tax cuts extension legislation at a standstill.  There is talk among the Democrats of making alterations to the legislation and sending it back to the Senate.  The changes they are considering are to the estate tax.  They want to lower the rate exempt and increase the rate on that which is not exempt.

But what if on top of that change they also add a Tier 5 unemployment extension for six months.  When the legislation went back to the Senate it would have to be voted on and those votes would be recorded.  There is no doubt that a proposed Tier 5 extension being added would be all over the mainstream news.  And every voting 99er would be watching.  If the Senate dared vote the legislation down, the 99ers would make sure that those responsible would not be reelected to office in 2012.
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