It is expected that a second United States aircraft carrier will be heading for the waters off Libya as the civil war there heats up.  Reports out of the State Department indicate that a no-fly zone will be instituted over Libya.  As previously reported, Libyan rebels have put together their own coalition government.  It seems now that new government is requesting outside intervention in the form of the no-fly zone.

As we the American people are already suffering $3.50 per gallon gas as a result of the crisis in Libya, where it should be noted we buy none of our oil, what other deprivations are we facing?  We must be realistic.  The implementation of a no-fly zone will require preemptory bombing to eliminate anti-aircraft facilities. 
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United States warships are closing in on Libya as calls for sanctions, a no fly zone, humanitarian aid, and possible ground troop intervention are being put forth from the highest levels of power. 

Reports out of Libya say that the leaders of the rebel forces are stating emphatically that they do not want any intervention by the United States or any other foreign country.
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The treasonous Tory dirt bag, Stuart Varney, said on FOX Business Wednesday that a new ADP report says the private sector added 217,000 jobs last month.  So who is the ADP?  Well it is a cartel of businessmen who run their own website. 

I do believe that 217,000 jobs were created by private American businesses last month, in China, India, and South Korea.  This is why, after making his announcement, Varney had to admit that the number he was putting forth was not reflected by the U.S. Department of Labor and Statistics. 
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The mainstream propaganda is all abuzz with the effects current world events are having on the New York Stock Exchange.  If any of you took the time to download and watch Zeitgeist III – Moving Forward you know that the stock exchange is in no way an indicator in reference to our economy.  It is in fact no more than the ultra rich’s score board to show who is steeling the most from whom. 

There has not been one damn word in reference to the 99ers, though it does seem we may be gearing up for another Middle Eastern war at a million dollars a year per soldier.  Of course there is no expense too great when it comes to helping other countries.  Hell, we’ll just add it to our debt.  Our grandchildren can afford it. 
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There are approximately 7 million 99ers to date and growing.  Any presumption that those in the highest seats of power in the United States government do not know of the misery that is spread throughout our land must be dismissed.  Of course they are not spying on us to ascertain our deteriorating condition, as they in fact do not want to see it. 

Being a 99er has become like being incarcerated.  Every day we lose time that can never be regained.  Our clothes are worn and have holes in them and only we know the stress that is created in worrying about how we will pay our rent and electric bill and get the necessities for survival; food, soap, toilet paper, and tooth paste, not to mention those living out on the streets who consider these basic items a luxury.
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I recently read an article in ABC News about the way a dictatorship breaks the spirit of those that it oppresses.  One paragraph read as such:

“Trust of government having been broken, the people give up any real faith in political institutions. They have to bribe to get what they need, so they start demanding bribes to perform their own jobs. They know state television is a lie, so truth as a value seems like a fool’s game”.

When ABC’s John Donvan wrote this statement he was referring to the situation in Libya, but anybody with the capability to form complex thought could see that this statement could easily be a reference to the situation in this country. This begs the question, why do our news organizations focus on the lack of freedoms in other countries when our own country (the supposed land of the free) also oppresses its people?
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Good morning to one and all! First my name is Carroll:Mizell.  Not Carroll Mizel, or CARROLL MIZELL, or Mizell Carroll, or anything of the like.  Now pay attention and ask yourself, “How can one address any issue if one isn’t correctly addressed right?  Well let’s just add howdie-doodie rump ranger to that title, would that be ok?

The answer for me is no, but legally the old saying is, “If you don’t correct the wrong, the wrong becomes a right”, and anything not opposed or denied is approved.  So what’s the point? Well folks the point is ignorance and freedom for you cannot be free and ignorant (remember Jefferson).
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The House Ways and Means Committee will be taking up the matter of the 2012 budget when Congress reconvenes today.  In examining their site I see no indication that HR 589 will even be mentioned.  Hopefully I am wrong.  It would be nice as a citizen to be able to go to the site for the House Ways and Means and look at a docket that would show exactly what the subcommittee on Human Services is doing in lieu of deciding the matter of HR 589.

 I think we should continue to call and email the congress people making up the subcommittee if for no other reason than to let them know that we are still out here and are not just going to go away.
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The United Nations is pushing for economic sanctions, a military blockade, and war crime prosecutions in Libya.  It is reported that Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has regained control of Libya’s capital city, Tripoli, though violence continues to rage in other cities.  Gaddafi is apparently arming his civilian supporters in an effort to regain complete control over the whole country.

The United States government, which supported Gaddafi before the uprisings, has turned on him completely.  Which leads one to ask the question, what would have been the U.S. attitude towards the other dictators in the Middle East that we have been propping up for the past 60 years if they too would have used violence to quell the uprisings in their countries?  It must be noted that if the U.N. enacts sanctions against Libya it will only hurt the people. 
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Well, here it is 4:53 a.m.  I have a 5:30 deadline to write an article for this website a friend of mine created, in the hopes to inform folks about the truth about things.  Politics, religion, world news, freedom (or the lack thereof) are some of the topics addressed.  This being really my first article for an informational website I should probably introduce myself, but its 5:23 a.m. and I’m out of time so ill get to it.

We are surrounded by negative situations that tend to overwhelm us.  In the mist of all the chaos for the moment if you can get your hands on a Warren Miller flick, plug it in and you too will see what true freedom looks like.  It will help you get into a positive mindset.  I think it’s a positive mindset that helps us combat the negative things that infect our ability to reason, to think clearly, and to be men and women.  These are the things necessary to be part of the solution not part of the problem.  
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President Barak Obama AKA Barry Soetoro came out decisively behind the labor unions stating that he would put on the most comfortable pair of shoes he owns and march with the protesters.  He stated emphatically that he supported the working middle class.  It is amazing the difference millions of dollars in union campaign contributions makes when considering the plight of American workers. 

Of course Barry made no mention of the 7 million private sector workers that have lost their jobs, their homes, and finally their unemployment when they became 99ers.  You see Barry knows there is discontent out there.  He believes that in embracing the unions he can gain the support of the unemployed, which in truth is where the real numbers are.  In fact I believe the only way Barry can be elected for a second term is if 99ers vote him back in.
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Back in the first week of September of 2010 I was asked to write articles as a 99er on the 99er issue for World News Heard Now.  When I observed the degree of apathy and surrender being demonstrated in the comments I realized that those who had attempted to lead the 99ers since they had come into existence were completely clueless as to how to bring any group together.

At that point I decided that, though I was writing for an online paper that was pretty much insignificant, I would try to develop strategies designed to bring the 99ers together as a movement.  At first I set my design on destroying the apathy, by showing 99ers the undeniable power they have under our Constitution, and showing them how their forefathers had found their strength through unity under similar circumstances.
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Reports coming out of Libya are saying what had begun as protests have now turned into a full scale civil war.  Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi, speaking on state television accused Osama Bin Laden of fostering malcontent among the Libyan people.  He further accused what he deemed as world organizations of bringing drugs into his country and indeed stated that many of the anti-government protesters were taking hallucinogens.  The mainstream media in the United States immediately dismissed the claims as the ravings of a madman.

After hearing the predictions of Lindsey Williams on Wednesday I have to believe Gaddafi might very well be telling the truth.  The fact is Osama Bin Laden was on the payroll of the CIA for some thirty years before becoming the boogie man that necessitated Americans being stripped of their rights through the Patriot Act.  And the idea of the internationals pumping drugs into a country in order to corrupt the youth cannot be dismissed as America is the living proof that it can and has been done.
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I ran across an article entitled, “Can Unions and the 99ers Work Together” by Jason Tabrys on The Examiner dated Feb 23, 2011.  The article suggests that 99ers should join in and become a part of the union marches.  I say no and this is why.  A few months back I talked about Gregg Rosen’s association with AFLCIO.  I predicted that the American 99ers Union was working to persuade the 99ers to come out as front line shock troops for the unions. 

The marches we have seen on television have been peaceful and the reason is that the police have been in support of the teachers.  They in fact formed the line between the pro-union protesters and the Tea Party protesters to insure that no conflicts took place.  The fact is if the police started busting the heads of teachers they would not only be acting against their own union interests, but would also incur the wrath of the general public.
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Thousands of narcotic agents started conducting raids Wednesday on drug cartel members operating in the United States.  The raids are in retaliation for the murder of one ICE Agent and the wounding of another outside of Mexico City last week. 

Jaime Zapata was murdered and a second agent, Victor Avalo was wounded, when the vehicle they were traveling in was ran into the ditch, after which an assailant, who is believed to be a member of the Zetas Drug Cartel, fired into the vehicle. 

The raids are being conducted across the United States.  Some but not all cities being raided were listed.  Among those listed were Atlanta, St. Louis, Denver, Detroit, San Antonio, San Diego, Chicago, Newark and Miami.  Continue reading “DEA and the Drug Cartel Members”

We are seeing renewed attacks on prescription pain medications.  Those orchestrating the attacks are citing increased abuse as their cause.  The first of the most recent assaults on prescription pain medications began in 2006 with the overdose death of Daniel Smith, the son of Anna Nicole Smith, who likewise died of an overdose in 2007, and then Heath Ledger in 2008, and Michael Jackson in 2009.  All of the aforementioned deaths were widely publicized and it was revealed that all were taking excessive amounts of prescription drugs which they were procuring through multiple sources and under multiple identities.

So how do the deaths of four individuals come to affect the lives of millions?  The deaths of these celebrities were used as the foundation for a campaign designed to make prescription pain medications harder to acquire for every citizen, even those being prescribed the medications for documented chronic pain. 
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If you want to see what a real revolution looks like watch the footage coming out of Libya, where both sides are armed and determined to fight to the last man.  Having been exposed to the truth as to the end goal for the Middle East I am currently watching the formation of the new super Muslim state take place. 

I truly had no idea how much Muslims hated Americans until I did my article on Iran.  The comments I received from that country were aggressive.  I responded to them by suggesting they might want to look at our Constitution as an avenue to true freedom and liberty.  The response I got was “We hate your thoughts” and the more I look into the situation, the more I realize that it is true. 
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99ers are becoming more and more frustrated with the seeming lack of attention being given to HR 589 and their concerns are well founded.  With the individual members of the subcommittee’s invocation of their unconstitutional private policy which says they will only take input from their constituents in reference to the national policy they will be deciding, the 99ers seem to have their hands bound.  If that is so I say our first priority must be to break the bonds. 

Thus we must strengthen our resolve in forcing our so called representatives to not only recognize us but honestly consider our input.  If they fail to do so we will vote them out in 2012, but that does not put groceries on the shelf today.  The situation is urgent and if we are smart we will treat it as such.  At the end of this article we will be addressing another member of the subcommittee to see who they are representing in reality. 
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Time continues to tick by and millions of 99ers grow more and more desperate with each passing moment.  The bright side is we are seeing more organization in our ranks every day.  Many of us are ready and willing to promote and further our cause.  However at the moment all our efforts are being stifled through blatant violations of our most basic freedoms and rights. 

Today we are going to address Lloyd Doggett, a Democrat from Texas and a ranking member of the Subcommittee on Human Resources of the House Ways and Means where HR 589 sits in limbo.  Doggett, like the rest of the members of the subcommittee has taken the position that he will refuse to hear our voices, which begs the question, if not us, who does he represent?
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Libya’s Moammar Gadhafi is vowing to go down fighting and if necessary die as a martyr.  It is our natural instincts as Americans to always side with the people in rebellion against a dictatorial government.  But after listening to what was revealed by Lindsey Williams on the Alex Jones show yesterday I am left wondering as to what I should or should not believe in reference to all of the anti-government activities going on in the Middle East.

Mr. Williams stated that he had learned via inside sources inside the oil industry that all of the turmoil we have been witnessing in the Middle East has been planned and paid for by international oil interests.  The fact is we have vast reserves of oil within the United States.  Shockingly the largest oil field on the planet is in Alaska and has remained untapped on purpose. 
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