Well in case you haven’t heard, Barack Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat killed Muammar Gaddafi with his bare hands in an epic one on one fight that will go down in the annuls of history.  And all this time we thought old Barry was just sitting around on his ass, counting the kickbacks he was getting for selling us out.  Of course the Rat’s approval rating went up with the assassination.

Apparently now everything has changed.  The invasion of Libya is no longer a violation of constitutional law and the targeting of a foreign sovereign leader is no longer a violation of international law.  And from this day forth the Nobel Peace Prize will now be given out to the leader with the biggest body count.
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Are the Occupy Wall Street protests like the Tea Party protests, only from the left?  This seems to be the question of the day and can be answered by looking at the propaganda push the question represents. Everyone is very anxious to identify the Wall Street protesters, just as everyone was anxious to identify the grass roots Tea Party when it first began.  In fact it would seem the same propaganda is being used in dealing with the Occupy Wall Street protesters as was used with the Tea Party.

First you say nobody knows what it is, then you say it is an anti-capitalist movement, but nobody knows what it is.  Then you say it is a socialist movement but nobody knows what it is.  And of course this scenario will go on right up until the grass roots movement decides on a candidate to endorse.  Of course that candidate will be Ron Paul, but all you will hear out of the mainstream propaganda is that it turns out the movement was actually a “Reelect Obama for President” movement.
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Former Verizon CEO Denny Strigl, speaking on FOX Business’ Cavuto, attempted to put forth the contention that the labor unions started the upheaval being played out through the Occupy Wall Street protests.  Strigl contends that the populous out here are a bunch of mindless dupes, looking for a cause.  He said that the people’s anger is unwarranted.  He further indicated that the protesters want socialism and basically said that we the people could get the hell out.

Well I’ve got some news for you Denny, you forked tongue son of a bitch, we do not want socialism.  In case you’re stupid ass hasn’t copped to it yet, socialism is falling apart in Europe.  You say because we are against you and your corporate elitist brethren and sisteren, that we are against the free enterprise system.  You know better, you pathetic puke.
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CNN, the Communist News Network, is directing its propaganda towards changing the issue of the theft of our $30 trillion and the continuing theft of our natural resources to a civil rights agenda.  No sale.  And of course the neo-con FOX propagandists are calling the Occupy Wall Street movement an attempt at a Marxist revolution.  Again, no sale.

The propaganda machine has failed once again due to its desperation.  You see, true propaganda consists of lies, half truths, and the truth.  In this instance in failing to include any of the truth in reference to the fact that there are patriots carrying Ron Paul signs as a part of the protests, they have made their lies completely incredible.
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In watching the dedication of the MLK Jr. Monument, coupled with footage of the Occupy protests around the world, I finally heard the magic buzz words.  What started out as a patriotic uprising in the United States was yesterday called “A Leftist World Revolution.”  No sale, propagandist.  This last ditch effort has already failed.

Many months ago I wrote of the intensions of the international corporate mafia.  We the people had made it clear through the grassroots Tea Party movement that the foreign insurgent Obama was not going to usher social communism into our country.  The plan to deprive our people and then offer the “Obama Socialist Revolution” as a solution did not go quite as planned.
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Our glorious Nobel Peace Prize winning President has now ordered an invasion into Uganda, sending 100 troops to be followed by equipment and more troops.  As we all know our government is operating under the orders of the corporate elite.  Many have begun the process of ascertaining the true intent of the invasion.

In a letter to Congress, Obama justified his dictated invasion as yet again another military action for the purpose of stopping an evil foreign leader, Lord’s Resistance Army’s Joseph Kony.
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Hispanic businesses in Alabama staged a so called “Sickout” protest last week in an effort to punish the people of Alabama for daring to pass laws designed to stop the illegal invasion of their state.  Evidently Hispanics called in sick for work and Hispanic businesses shut down for the day.  This is proof positive that the invasion of the illegal immigrants is an organized insurgency supported by the Hispanic 5th columns here and the Hispanic insurgents who have infiltrated our government.

Our response should be swift and decisive.  All Hispanic businesses supporting the illegal invasion of the State of Alabama should have their business licenses pulled.  The other businesses depending on Hispanic labor should require verified doctor’s notes and all who cannot produce them should be fired.
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