As expected From the Trenches World Report is coming under attack by those who, through power and influence, think they own and control the net.  All this week we have been attacking the lies of Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat, the South Side of Chicago back alley pimp, and lo and behold, mysteriously a glitch has occurred and the internet crawlers have disappeared from our site.

In asking CIA controlled Google Support as to what the problem could be, the answer was,” Uhhhhh you posted it today? Wait a week and then get back to us.”  To which I replied, “I usually get crawled within minutes. This article is not showing up in any search.”  The answer came back almost immediately, “Yeah, that’s not normal. Average for blogs I’d say is between 2-4 days. Unless you’re CNN, expect to wait some time.”
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Presidential Candidate Dr. Ron Paul spoke to voters in Washington State Thursday.  In Seattle the crowd was in the thousands.  In Vancouver, another 1000 with 800 turned away for lack of space.  With people of every age in the crowd, Paul described the war in Afghanistan as a fake and a fraud to roaring chants of “Bring them home.”  You would think that such overwhelming grassroots support would warrant at least a little mainstream coverage.  Not a chance.

There were many reporters covering the every movement of President Soetoro, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum, with a lot of slogans being passed back and forth.  I guess it is easier to report on these establishment candidates, as the intense noise accompanying the huge crowds around Dr. Paul make the reporting more difficult.
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I always get concerned when the mainstream propaganda machine goes into “Put the people to sleep” mode.  The headlines should be “Voter fraud disenfranchises GOP primary and caucus voters.”  After the fraud was revealed, everyone was tuning in their TVs waiting to hear of investigations, arrests, prosecutions, and lawsuits.

So, the mainstream propaganda machine went into “sleep mode” – old stories, boring stories, issues no one cares about, and just enough of the current propaganda to keep the audience tuned in.  Things like Governor Chris Christie under fire for having the flags in New Jersey lowered to half staff for Whitney Houston.  Does anyone reading this care?
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Blatant vote fraud has been shown to have been committed in Maine and it is being sparsely reported in the mainstream.  In fact the headlines read “Santorum and Romney neck in neck.”  Neck in neck in what?  There is no contest if the election is a fraud.  The mainstream media is making every effort to put anything forth but the blatant vote fraud that is disenfranchising we the American people of the American race in denying us our 1st Amendment right to redress of grievance and freedom of speech.

But then our Bill of Rights has never mattered to the mainstream.  Instead of reporting on this issue that affects every American of voting age in this country, the propagandists are putting forth issues designed to divide us, like the mandate for insurance companies to provide birth control for citizens employed by the Catholic Church, with one side of the false left-right paradigm calling the action a violation of the 1st Amendment protection of the church from the state.  And of course the other side is calling opposition to the legislation an attack on women’s rights.
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The propagandists are busy trying to portray China as insignificant in reference to an economic and/or military threat to the United States, this in salute to the arrival of China’s Vice-President, Xi Jinping, who will be China’s President this time next year.  I think the average citizen would be shocked and amazed at how much influence the People’s Republic of China has over our so called mainstream media.

The remake of the 1984 movie Red Dawn was scheduled to be released here in the United States in November, 2010, but the Chinese government said “No.”  The original Red Dawn portrayed a scenario wherein the Russians attacked the United States.  The body of movie was centered on Nicaraguan troops, allied to the Russians that occupied a town in Colorado.
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The Greeks are setting fire to the banks as new austerity measures are put in place by their socialist government.  Meanwhile, Barack Hussein Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat, the South Side of Chicago back alley con man/pimp has introduced another budget, that will never be passed, that is in reality the socialist campaign platform, through which he will spew his campaign rhetoric/lies working on the notion that those who voted for him in 2008, that have since found him out, can be re-retarded.

We say “No,” the Rat says, “Yes they can.”  Everyone does realize that if there is a solar flare that knocks out our modern technology, including Barry’s teleprompter, he will be eligible for Social Security as a mute.
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