As the reality of Ron Paul’s domination in the Republican Primaries becomes more absolute, the mainstream propagandists have decided on a new direction.  Their attempts to manipulate the minds of the politically astute have failed completely, leaving them but one avenue yet to try.

Ron Paul has become very popular with the younger generation as they have come to realize that the international elite intend to enslave them, so now the propaganda will target our youth.  Also to be targeted are the middle class adults who live their lives vicariously through their favorite characters on their favorite reality shows.
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20 million citizens of the United States are now considered deeply impoverished.  1.6 million are homeless, 500,000 of which are little children.  28 million workers are unemployed.  Food and energy prices are rising.  There are 5 wars in the Middle East.  And it is cold outside.  Many citizens of the United States are living in miserable conditions not seen since the Great Depression and what is our all loving and caring government doing about this situation?

Well I think we can all feel a little warmer in knowing that our illustrious leader, the Peace President Barack Hussein Obama, and his wife and children will be leaving on a 17 day, all expense paid, luxury Christmas vacation in Hawaii.  If this is not proof positive that it is up to we the people to end this Obamanation that this insurgent government represents, I do not know what is.
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As we close in on the 2012 election there is a mad scramble to put the mechanisms for mass voter fraud into place.  The left wing commies are up in arms in opposition to voter identification laws which are being enacted in many of the individual states, saying that the requirement will exclude minorities and the poor from participating in the polls.

I believe if you cannot show proof that you are a lawful citizen of the United States and the state you live in you not only should not vote, but should be arrested and detained until your citizenship can be ascertained.  After which, if you are a citizen you could use the decree from the court that released you from custody to obtain legal ID.  Then you could vote.
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Saturday night Mike Huckabee hosted a presidential forum wherein the GOP presidential candidates, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, and Mitt Romney, (Jon Huntsman declined to participate), were questioned by three State Attorneys General, Pam Bondi, Ken Cuccinelli, and Scott Pruitt.

Let us take a look at this production and those who sponsored it.  Mike Huckabee portrays himself as a Southern Baptist preacher, a man of God.  Mike Huckabee, who makes frequent trips to Israel, has become a spokesperson for the Zionists who control that country.  Mike Huckabee, this so called man of God, supports Israeli aggression.
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We all remember back in December of 2010 when the Lame Duck Congress was considering extensions of the Bush era tax cuts for the top 1%, the millionaire and billionaire individuals and trillion dollar hedge funds.  The argument was put forth that the tax cuts were not funded, to which the neo-cons responded saying the tax cuts did not need to be funded because they represented a tax increase if they were not allowed to continue.  This is a classic example of double speak wherein down is up, unless they need it to be down for their advantage.

Today it is being debated as to whether tax cuts for the middle class and working poor should be continued, and in this instance the neo-cons are purporting that furthering the tax breaks is unfunded and hence expenditure we cannot afford.
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