How many laws do there have to be before freedom and liberty no longer exist?  There are federal laws and regulations, state laws and regulations, county laws and regulations, city and municipality laws and regulations.  The fact is the average citizen on the street cannot realistically know every law and regulation affecting his or her life.  It has come to the point that literally every thought and movement of the citizen is regulated in one way or another.

This has been accomplished through the international corporate mafia’s seizure of all land within the borders of the United States, through the infiltration and usurpation of our government.  The person who owns the land regulates everything upon that land, including the human being.  In truth there is no freedom left in the United States of America as you cannot have a free man without free land for him to stand upon.
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The mainstream press has all but become Dick Cheney’s press agents in promoting Cheney and his memoirs, “In My Time”.  The list of crimes Dick Cheney has committed against the Constitution of the United States, the people of the United States, the peoples of the various countries around the world, and humanity in general would compose a much larger book than that of his memoirs.

Dick Cheney was CEO of Halliburton when elected as Vice-President of these United States in November of 2000.  He of course had to resign that position, with a $20 million severance package, before taking his oath, but the service he provided for Halliburton after becoming Vice-President cannot be denied.
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Every day it is becoming clearer that the Obama administration, not only had knowledge of, but condoned Operation Fast and Furious/Gunrunner, which in essence involved the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms running guns into Mexico for the drug cartels.  To pretend that Fast and Furious/Gunrunner was a botched operation rather than a criminal enterprise is becoming more ludicrous with each passing day.

Supposedly the idea was to allow the purchase of firearms by straw buyers and then follow the weapons to the drug cartels who were buying the guns from the straw buyers.  What is interesting about this whole fairy tale is that not one member of a drug cartel has been arrested for receiving the weapons and also not one straw buyer.
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We are hearing at nauseum that all we have to do to get jobs in the United States is make the corporate elite feel secure.  So how do we do that?  One theory says that we should end all corporate tax and regulation.  Well I suppose that would make them feel secure, but who out there really believes that this actually has a damn thing to do with jobs in the USA or the lack thereof?

If we end corporate taxation and deregulate I guess the corporations would be secure in that they would be free to move the rest of our manufacturing out of the United States, without consequence, while the rest of the citizens in this country, at least those still fortunate to have a job, could have their taxes increased in order to pay for this fraudulent government completely from the 10% of the wealth that 90% of us have been left to live on.  But then again as this government is nothing more than a pipeline from the workers’ pocket to the corporate elitists’ offshore bank account, that 10% would soon dissipate to 1% which would cover the fodder for the slaves in our third world USA.
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Zero job growth for the first time since 1945 and it only took the propagandists 24 hours to make that a positive thing, or at least something we really shouldn’t be worried about.  Everyone is saying the government has to step in and create jobs, as this is the only alternative left because the filthy rich corporations are not only not creating any jobs, but are in fact planning on sending more out of our country.  So I guess the only thing left is for the government to create jobs.

When the government creates jobs what they are doing in reality is paying your wages while you create wealth for private industry.  And as private industry has taken over our government, we will be, again in reality, working for the government.  When government runs industry and employs the citizen to work therein, that is what is known as socialism.  Add in the Marxist doctrine of each working to his ability and being compensated as to his need, and you have communism, hence, working for welfare.
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Zero jobs were created in the month of August.  June’s and July’s job creation numbers were adjusted downward 58,000.  Yet the unemployment rate remains the same at 9.1% as math and logic no longer figure in the equation.  In 2009 for the months of June, July, and August, new jobless claims were running at about 500,000 per week for a total of 6 million.  Now we will be really, really, really generous and say that a third of those found new employment, equating to 2 million, leaving 4 million who became 99ers in the last three months and were removed from the equation put forth in this most recent jobs report.

That is 4 million more unemployed Americans not being counted as unemployed because their unemployment benefits ran out.  The actual rate of unemployment in our country now has to be pushing 36%.  Now at 9.1% they are calling the situation a job crisis and say we may be entering a double dip recession.  In reality at 36% we are in the deepest depression our country has ever experienced.
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Well the fact that we are in a depression and there are no jobs to be had has become an undeniable fact, which is being displayed every day, as witnessed by the lines at the various job fairs put on by the Black Caucus.  So what do the mainstream propagandists at FOX, who are in reality made up of corporate elitists, have to say for themselves now?

In the past they have said unemployment benefits were the reason people were not getting jobs; as in the person who worked 30 years had just decided one day to kick back on the little bit unemployment offers and watch his house and car go back to the bank, after having to cash in his or her 401K, losing a portion to penalties and taxes.
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The United States of Soviet America Politburo has begun meetings which can only be said to represent a communist takeover of our Legislative Branch of government.  And considering that Premier Soetoro has loaded our Supreme Court with his comrades in the Judicial, I think it is safe to say the American citizen has lost all representation within the government.   At this point in the ballgame these communists can put forth any dictate to the people with our only recourse being a revolution.

I heard one son of a bitch in the mainstream propaganda say that it was necessary for our so called representatives to meet behind closed doors as this was the best way to procure deals.  People, this is an outrage.  They are pissing on our Constitution.  We cannot just stand by and allow this to happen.
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