There are 418,000 newly unemployed this week, making twelve weeks with over 400,000, making 4.8 million new unemployed in the last three months.  And what of HR 589 unemployment extension?  Well Barbara Lee says she thinks Obama is thinking about it. Wonder what makes her think that?  What do you think?

Considering the overall average, one would have to believe that in addition to the 4.8 million new unemployed there are 4.8 million new 99ers, who of course are no longer counted in the unemployment percentage, leaving a scenario wherein the unemployment percentage number only rises when it gets twice as bad, twice as fast.  And it did rise in June.
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In a further attempt to destroy From the Trenches World Report Google yesterday failed to index an article by Rachel Cohen entitled Help Arizona Build a Fence on the Border.   We at From the Trenches are working to acquire the necessary information to serve Google civilly.  It is difficult as we will have to coordinate with militias in California for the procurement for the filing of liens.

As previously mentioned Google got its seed money from the CIA and for all intents and purposes they are one with the traitors in our government.  They have sought to break one of the last communications the 99ers have.  We have seen our hit numbers cut in half as a lot of the people who come to From the Trenches do so by putting “99ers” and “HR 589 unemployment extension” into a Google search.
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In the face of new revelations revealing the AFT’s involvement in running guns into Mexico with the approval of the insurgents in our government, at least up to the level of our Attorney General, the great sovereign State of Arizona once again has stepped up to the plate to lead the resistance in the United States.

Arizona has launched a campaign to raise money to build a fence on their southern border as they are no longer going to tolerate the federal government’s pro-illegal invasion policies.  Those involved in the movement are reaching out to every citizen in every state and asking for donations to pay for the construction of the fence.
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What do you do when the cool kids at Google won’t let you hang out in their tree house? Why, you build one of your own, of course.

That’s the approach that members of Anonymous are taking after several affiliated accounts belonging to members of the hacktivist collective were barred from using Google Plus, the Web giant’s latest foray into social media.
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Look out honey, ’cause I’m using technology.

Those are the words that punk pioneer Iggy Pop barked out in his 1973 anthem “Search and Destroy,” and now Google is taking a cue from the rock and roll legend as they turn up the heat on a group of Belgian newspaper that filed a lawsuit against the search engine superstars recently and won.
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Well the 99er issue and the 99ers were supposed to have disappeared by now.  But despite the best efforts of the corporate elite we have not, as some among us have refused to be swept under the carpet and forgotten.  Now Google is attempting to define and enforce a policy that defines who and what a 99er is, and what is news to a 99er.

Either you report the dogma from the false left paradigm (vote in social communism for jobs) or you report the false right paradigm (submit to corporate elitist rule and they will let you be their slaves).  Considering it is the internet the 99ers have come to to organize for resistance, Google has to be considered the worst enemy we have.  But is it not just us.
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The 99ers, HR 589, and Ron Paul supporters are deliberately being kept out of the corporate owned mainstream news media and likewise all three have turned to the internet to organize and get their message out.  The fact is the mainstream media has become a laughingstock as their attempts to alter our reality have become pathetic in their desperation.  The mainstream tried coming on the net to use their power and money to dominate.  Once again to no avail as their propaganda, designed to move the masses, is having little or no affect on the individual seeking valid information.

This has left organizations like the IMF, the CFR, the CGI, the Carnegies, the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and the Bilderbergers facing a major problem.   Though they still control the mainstream media and can keep their anonymity in those forums, it has become irrelevant.
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