Hopefully things will get back to normal today, whatever the hell that means.  Please do not let today be the day after the 10th Anniversary of 9/11, to be followed by two days after the 10th Anniversary, and so on.  What we have just witnessed was nothing short of a weeklong commercial.  If you have ever watched the Military Channel, a lot of what you see in reference to modern weaponry consists of presentations put together by defense contractors, displaying their newest products, which unfortunately for us, are designed to spy on and kill the citizen.

With our country in bankruptcy, every expenditure is being intensely scrutinized by the public, especially those who have become gluttonous in sucking up our resources and taking away our freedoms and liberties.  Homeland Security is unconstitutional, just like the BATF, FEMA, the FBI, and every other KGB style federal agency.  If we step back and look at how this police state was created it is plain to see that we are paying top dollar for our own enslavement.
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Egyptian protesters tore down a wall around the Israel Embassy in Cairo Friday.  I guess this democratic movement is taking shape pretty much as predicted.  Now that the voice of the Egyptian people is being heard, the message is clear in that they want to end peaceful relations with and denounce Israel.  Now that the puppet dictatorship, which had been financed by the United States for the benefit of Israel, has been removed, radical Islam is now dominating Egypt and the same is true in Tunisia, Libya, and Syria.

Our CIA, working hand in hand with the Israeli Mossad, has now managed to cause a general destabilization in the Middle East and Northern Africa.  Not only we at From the Trenches, but many others have predicted that this would be the case.  Today the Pakistanis are headed down the same path and all the Middle Eastern, North African countries are coming into step with Iran in returning to their Islamic roots.
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The pathetic treasonous scumbags who do not want the truth being told are now trying to shut this site down by burying us with spam comments.  We have spam filters that take care of the robotic attacks, but this new spam is coming from a different IP number with each individual fake comment.

We have had to delete over 500 spam comments since yesterday morning and the pace was picking up.
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The mainstream propaganda machine is in overdrive putting forth a monumental effort to instill the lie of 9/11 into the history books.  $700 million spent on 8 acres of reflecting pools while the first responders are being denied health care.   9/11 happened a decade ago, that is 10 years for you mentally challenged out there.

I’ll tell you what I am reflecting on today – the Patriot Act that suspended our Constitutional Rights; the $1 trillion spent on creating and maintaining the Department of Homeland Security which equates to the United States KGB; $4 trillion spent on wars in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq; more than a million Middle Eastern men, women, and children murdered who didn’t have a goddamn thing to do with 9/11; 9/11 was an inside job perpetrated by the United States CIA and Israeli Mossad, designed to perpetuate the destruction of the United States by insurgents within; and this whole 10th Anniversary circus which is costing hundreds of millions of dollars is nothing more than the conspirators coming out in front of God and everybody to proclaim that they got away with it.
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Well it seems we have a new official holiday in the United States of America and oh the revenue it is generating.  They call it 9/11 and every merchant is coming forth to ply his or her wares, wearing a long face, and if they can manage a tear, all the better.  As soon as the customer walks out the door they dance a little jig, (ka-ching ka-ching).

The so called news channels look more like American Idol as anyone who can throw together a few 9/11 words and sing them to a chord on a guitar is gaining his or her fifteen minutes of fame.  Of course this fits right in with the international corporate mafia’s agenda as they try to counter the growing dissent among we the people in trying to display for us why we a need them to protects us.
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This weekend the National Football League begins the 2011-12 season with a slate of games including a Sunday night game in which the New York  Jets will host the Dallas Cowboys on the 10th anniversary of the September 11th attacks of 2001.

I think that it is safe to say that most of the people in this country would like to see New York get a win in this one; given that it will help the Jets honor the men and women who lost their lives ten years ago, and provide further “healing” to that city. Well I am not one of those people, so cry me a river.
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At present Ron Paul has 57.4% of the vote on the MSNBC Poll.  Wouldn’t you think that as MSNBC put on the debate they would be broadcasting the results of their online poll as a part of their mainstream broadcast?  But no.  The debate itself was designed to make Ron Paul look as if he did not belong, and it definitely succeeded in this area.  What these fools are now realizing is that not being like these establishment traitors is seen as a good thing by we the people.

Rick Perry, in his defining moment, attacked Ron Paul in reference to a critical letter he sent to Ronald Regan.  They have certainly done a smash up job in rewriting history to put Ronald Regan right up there with George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  Ronald Regan should not have lived long enough to die of Alzheimer’s.  He should have been prosecuted for the treason he committed and given 20 years at hard labor.  I guess that just goes to show how far our country has deteriorated, when something like Iran-Contra can be completely dismissed while hundreds of thousands of Americans sit in prisons and jails for possessing marijuana.
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So does anyone out there believe there is any way in hell the good Republicans in the Congress would ever pass Obama’s socialist jobs bill?  Not a chance in hell, right?  Wrong.  There might be one way – an attack on the homeland.   You know like in New York and Washington DC like last time and the next day, neo-cons and social communists alike are rallying around the Rat.  The legislation passes and we are off to another war, which is going to put a hell of a lot more than $400 billion into the pockets of the corporate elitist military war complex scam.

The propagandists have been working for weeks trying to get us into 9/11 mode again, the terror and the horror, straight from the lips of the victims, the re-run of the re-runs of the tragedy.  I was joking about this just this morning with my wife as it was playing across the screen.  I started singing, “Oooh that frightening feeling, oh, oh, that frightening feeling, I’ve got that 9/11 feeling, like it happened today, hey hey.”
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NBC News Political Unit has a poll asking who won.  Ron Paul is winning hands down as of this morning.

Results with 751 short comments

Total of 117,006 votes
Ron Paul
(58,016 votes)
Mitt Romney
(20,450 votes)
Rick Perry
(17,069 votes)
Jon Huntsman
(8,080 votes)
Newt Gingrich
(5,568 votes)
Herman Cain
(3,911 votes)
Michele Bachmann
(2,668 votes)
Rick Santorum
(1,244 votes)

UVA Political Science Professor, Larry Sabato, came on FOX News and said to forget about the national polls, the 2012 election will be decided by 7 states, Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, Ohio, New Hampshire, Virginia, and Florida, and not by the people of these states, but rather by their delegates and the Electoral College.  Sabato said, “The only thing that matters in our system is the Electoral College.  Like it, hate it, want to leave it, it’s what will elect the next president.”  In essence saying the vote of the people does not count.

Well I’ve got news for you Larry, you and your Electoral College just try to nullify the vote of we the people and we will treat with you like the traitor you are.
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Jimmy Hoffa Jr., head of the Teamsters, is calling the Tea Partiers “sons of bitches” and saying the unions need to unite to “take them out”.  Well the propagandists have tried everything to date in attempting to divide we the people, now it seems they intend to divide us against one another as workers.  You have to understand who Hoffa and the heads of the unions actually are.  These are the socialists who want everyone working for the government for varying amounts of welfare.

When Mr. Hoffa made his statement he made it to President Obama AKA Barry Soetoro AKA Barry the Rat, telling the Rat that the unions are his army and that they were ready to take on his foes.  I will make something clear.  I have spoken out against the union busting in reference to how it is affecting the workers and their pensions.  But the unions at the top are the corporate elite and in truth care more about the power they wield than the workers they are supposed to serve.  Kind of sounds like our corporate government, does it not?
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