Pakistan Suicide Bomber Kills 41

A suspected Taliban suicide bomber killed 41 people and injured scores more in Khar, the administrative center of Pakistan’s insurgency-hit Bajaur district on the Afghan border, on Christmas day.  The bombing comes a day after Taliban insurgents launched coordinated assaults on security forces in a neighboring district that left 11 soldiers and 24 militants dead.   In the bombing 30 were killed instantly after which 11 more died in the hospital.

The people of Pakistan have to be asking, “How in the hell did we ever get caught up in this mess?”  I guess what happened is some terrorists from another country illegally crossed their borders and came into their country in order to hide and train in their mountains.

This is exactly what caused Afghanistan to be invaded.  Remember, the alleged 911 hijackersconsisted of 15 Saudi nationals.  Strange how war works, is it not?  15 Saudi Arabians allegedly fly planes into the twin towers, so we blow the hell out of Afghanistan, while the Saudi Arabian king profits from the conflict.

It is a good thing that this scenario is not the established norm as in Washington DC the Congress, the Senate, and the White House are all littered with terrorists.  We know them better as our representatives.  And as for foreigners crossing our border and planning terrorist acts, well maybe they won’t blow us up if we grant them full citizenship.

There are other countries suffering the horrors of war as a result of this psychotic game of Monopoly. Look at Yemen, or rather don’t look at Yemen would be more to the point, as the mainstream media has only provided minute and sketchy information in reference to the war that is evidently unfolding there.  If the truth be known, that country is probably being destroyed as we speak.

And always, there is Palestine, which has been literally turned into the largest concentration camp to ever exist on the planet by none other than the survivors of the holocaust.  Last year’s invasion of theGaza Strip has to be one of the most non-reported   slaughters of civilians since Kosovo.

During the air raids on Gaza the Israelis used cluster bombs on civilians which are not even supposed to be used against soldiers according to international law.  There was one small report on the use of the clusters then the incident just seemed to disappear overnight.  Maybe the U. S. government and our mainstream media did not push the issue as they did not want it brought up that they used cluster bombs against Iraqi civilians in that dirty little war.

The citizens of the world have become desensitized to incidents and situations, which twenty years ago would have been condemned as barbarically unacceptable behavior.  So who will we go to war with in 2011?  I’m sure the Iranians are sweating bullets as their oil fields are prime for the picking. Or maybe the two Koreas could go at it; a lot of money could be made in such a war.  Not to mention the population reduction that could be achieved.

Whatever they decide we will know soon enough as they no longer try to disguise their duplicity.  No disguise is needed as the American people have become institutionalized in the scenario of perpetual war for perpetual profit.

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