3 thoughts on “Parade of Illegals

  1. So your only concern is how many have the non existent virus that caused the non existent pandemic? How about being concerned with these illegals coming in here in violation of procedural due process. They are giving away what belongs to American nationals. THIS is the problem.

  2. Goddammit. Where are the .40 and .50 caliber machine guns mowing these lawbreakers into the ground. WWI style. Claymores and Mine fields should be everywhere. Treat any “injuries” back in Mexico. No medical treatment in America. Leave their bodies out for the Turkey Vultures for a day or two. And the Problem will evaporate into thin air. Why is our military NOT protecting our borders? I used to be a liberal…sort of. Today? Kill them first. Bury them later.
    I promise they will stop coming.

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