Paramedic Mountain Response!

Sep 29, 2020

A fantastic couple of days in the Lake District testing out how extreme Jet Suit mobility can support emergency paramedic response in the mountains. The Great North Air Ambulance reached out and constructed a typical rescue scenario. Calling in helicopter support for each and every case isn’t possible or practical which leaves vehicle & foot approach. What if the Critical Care first responder could locate and stabilise the casualty within minutes of vehicle arrival. Well in this exercise we did it in 90 seconds vs the 25 minutes of arduous climb!

Who knows what the future holds but this is a start we are very proud of.

Catch the behind the scenes flight testing the day before, at the end of the film!

Huge thanks to the fantastic GNAAS team, Ed Wardle on ground cam, Ben Kenobi on drone, Langdale Mountain Rescue Team, Stool End Farm, Cumbria Police and an amazing community that made this possible.

7 thoughts on “Paramedic Mountain Response!

  1. Mark, thanks for the amazing video! I often dreamed of flying like this lucky guy. Technology in the right hands is a truly life saving gift. This is a great diversion to our reality, thanks

  2. Oh, thank you, Mark. I want one. Magically awesome. And one more testament to how innovative we humans are.



  3. Prototype for the robots that will be equipped with such technology to cull the population (all in the name of “the greater good”).

    1. Yeah, I thought of that, as well. All things can be used for good or evil. We have a right to all those advancements. They do not have the corner on progress.


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