Parents Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter for their child who died of an ear infection

Untreated: Hope Delozier,1 (seen here in a Facebook photo) died in March from an untreated ear infectionDaily Mail – by Charlene Adams

A Pennsylvania couple is facing manslaughter charges after their 1-year-old daughter died of an infection that could have been easily treated with antibiotics.

Ebed Delozier, 29, and Christine Delozier, 34, were charged last week with felony counts of involuntary manslaughter and endangering the welfare of children in the death of their 18-month old daughter, Hope Delozier, the Press Sun & Bulletin reports.   

Hope died in March of invasive group A streptococcus bacteria that health officials believe originated in her left ear, WPRI reports.

Christine told interviewers in March that Hope had never seen a doctor or received vaccinations because she and Ebed didn’t believe in vaccinations or other aspects of modern medicine, WBNG reports.

They instead treated the toddler with homeopathic remedies and herbal therapy, the Bulletin reports. The couple also said they had no money to cover the medical expenses.

Christine said that on the night of March 23, she noticed that Hope’s breathing was shallow so she gave the child CPR for about 30 minutes before taking her to Guthrie Towanda Memorial Hospital and telling nurses that she needed ‘some help.’

A nurse at the hospital said in a report that Hope’s parents made it ‘clear they were against antibiotics and other chemicals associated with modern medicine.’

An emergency room nurse said that Hope wasn’t breathing when she got to the hospital and as staff worked to resuscitate her, Christine became upset and said ‘you’re putting holes in her,’ and ‘you’re putting chemicals in her.’

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2 thoughts on “Parents Charged With Involuntary Manslaughter for their child who died of an ear infection

  1. I’m a firm believer in homeopathic and natural remedies, and I also firmly believe that the medical-industrial complex would like to see most of us dead, but I happen to have recently taken antibiotics myself after a tick bite left me with erythma migrans. (bull’s eye rash around tick bite that indicates Lyme disease)

    Before going to the doctor I did some research, and found out that the antibiotic he was most likely to prescribe had been around for a long time, and working fine without any significant side effects. I also believe this antibiotic (doxycycline) has stopped me from developing Lyme disease. (but only time will tell for sure)

    The point of this story is that just as the Zionist news is required to report some truth to retain credibility, the medical-industrial complex has to do some real healing, or both establishments lose customers.

    Overuse of antibiotics has caused some real problems in the immunity of a lot of people, but if used judiciously, they can provide some real help too. I would advise people to always steer toward natural cures when they’re available, and known to be effective, but there are times when you should follow your doctor’s advice too. It’s up to you to do the research and make wise decisions.

    Regarding this article, I don’t think the ear infection killed this baby, but instead the article was written as a kind of threatening advertisement for the medical-industrial complex. “Take our vaccines, or your baby will die, and you’ll go to jail.”

  2. Frankly, it isn’t the state’s child and it isn’t the state’s business. I wonder how many children the state murdered today in drone strikes on top of the ten million slaughtered in the last century for freedom and democracy. You might as well have satan prosecuting Mother Theresa for spitting on the sidewalk. It isn’t about children. It’s about control. That’s why big pharma can’t be prosecuted for killing your child with forced vaccinations.

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