Parents denied access to their children’s medical records by law

KCCI – by Josh Scheinblum

A Coralville father recently found out he will no longer have access to his 12-year-old daughter’s medical records, so he asked KCRG’s I9 investigative team to investigate.

Kevin Christians, of Coralville, said a letter triggered his concerns alerting him he was losing access to his daughter’s medical records.  

At the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, parents are no longer able to see test results, messages from doctors and other information once a child turns 12.

The letter said the hospital wants children at that age to be more active in their own health care. Christians said he believes 12 is too young to keep parents in the dark.

“If you get locked out of being able to see the health care records for your child, that makes parenting even that much more difficult, in my opinion,” said Christians.

The letter from UIHC does not give the full explanation. I9 found the practice stems from federal law and all hospitals have a similar policy but not all of them start at the same age.

I9 has discovered one medical organization where the age is 10.

4 thoughts on “Parents denied access to their children’s medical records by law

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