Parents in Indiana protest the local school

8 thoughts on “Parents in Indiana protest the local school

  1. “I got four daughters and they’re out of the public school system………….take them somewhere else…homeschool your kids….” music to my ears 🙂

    another man standing up and saying ‘NO’….. great to see so many men at that meeting

  2. about dam time

    now dont stop!

    because this is only 1 of their many stupid issues

    its way past time for these school buildings to be empty through our protest of this crap they call a public education

    all these so called administrators , school boards and most teachers to be sitting in empty rooms wondering where their jobs are headed

    im sick of the strikes, sick of the pandering , sick of the do noting POS running this shit show

    1. Yeah, and all those school buildings can be used to house the homeless until we get this thing straightened out and EVERY American National has a piece of land to live on.


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