Parents sue public school district for enabling kids to change ‘gender’ without parental notice, consent

LifeSiteNews – by Martin Bürger

MADISON, Wisconsin, February 19, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – Parents are suing the Madison Metropolitan School District in Wisconsin for enabling children to socially transition to a member of the opposite sex at school without parental notice or consent. Teachers are directed to deceive parents by using the child’s birth name and biological sex whenever parents are involved. 

The lawsuit claims that the school district is violating parental rights “by adopting a policy designed to circumvent parental involvement in a pivotal decision affecting their children’s health and future.”

“The policy enables children, of any age, to socially transition to a different gender identity at school without parental notice or consent, requires all teachers to enable this transition, and then prohibits teachers from communicating with parents about this potentially life-altering choice without the child’s consent,” the lawsuit adds.

The school district also “directs its teachers and staff to deceive parents by reverting to the child’s birth name and corresponding pronouns whenever the child’s parents are nearby.” This, according to the lawsuit filed Tuesday, February 18, is a violation of “parents’ fundamental and constitutional right to direct the upbringing of their children.”

Rick Esenberg, President and General Counsel of the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty (WILL), said in a statement: “Madison schools have adopted policies that violate constitutionally recognized parental rights. A public school district should not, and cannot, make decisions reserved for parents.”

The school district in the state’s capital had adopted its “Guidance and Policies to Support Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender-Expansive Students” in April 2018. According to the document, all staff “will refer to students by their affirmed names and pronouns.”

“Refusal to respect a student’s name and pronouns” is considered a violation of the school district’s non-discrimination policy. The guidelines claim that having “one’s gender identity recognized and validated is important,” ensuring confidentiality and privacy in the process.

“School staff shall not disclose any information that may reveal a student’s gender identity to others, including parents or guardians and other school staff, unless legally required to do so or unless the student has authorized such disclosure,” the guidelines state.

The parents, who remain anonymous, say that if their children ever begin to experience gender dysphoria, they “would not immediately ‘affirm’ their children’s beliefs about their gender identity and allow them to transition to a different gender role, but would instead pursue a treatment approach to help them identify and address the underlying causes of the dysphoria and learn to embrace their biological sex.”

The lawsuit illustrates the school districts’ policy regarding transgender students by pointing to training materials for teachers and resources for students used in Madison’s public schools.

One training program for all staff members took place between August and November at almost all schools of the district, “including most elementary schools,” the lawsuit states.

“The training walks teachers through a hypothetical scenario in which a student named ‘Jadyn’ informs a teacher that he or she would like to change gender identity at school,” it continues. “After the training participants discuss this scenario, the training video informs teachers that ‘Jadyn has the right to use their affirmed name and pronouns in school, even without changes in Infinite Campus [the official records] or family permission.’”

Teachers are also told to find out from Jadyn “if family is supportive of their [Jadyn’s] gender identity.” Only if that is the case, parents are supposed to be involved “in the gender support planning process.”

Otherwise, “the training emphasizes that teachers must ‘[m]ake sure not to disclose information about Jadyn’s gender identity without their [Jadyn’s] permission,’” the lawsuit says.

The Madison Metropolitan School District dedicates an official website to its “Welcoming Schools” approach, which claims to support “the academic and social emotional growth of our students.”

“We are committed to creating an anti-racist, non-discriminatory environment where all identities are seen, valued and respected,” the school district boasts.

Many resources push the homosexual and transgender agenda. Among other things, the school district links to “New LGBTQ-Inclusive Books for the Very Youngest Children” and “18 Multicultural Children’s Books featuring LGBTQIA Characters.”

The Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty had already reached out to the school district in December 2019. In a “Demand Letter,” WILL had stated that the “Guidance and Policies to Support Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender-Expansive Students” contains “certain policies that violate our clients’ constitutional rights as parents.”

At the time, WILL had expressed hope that the school district “will remove these problematic policies and commit to retraining its teachers and staff accordingly.”


7 thoughts on “Parents sue public school district for enabling kids to change ‘gender’ without parental notice, consent

  1. Just like the Catholic church and the Boy Scouts, public schools are a magnet for pedophiles, so it should come as no surprise that they’re trying to alter kids’ genders without parental knowledge. (you can change into these pretty panties in the principal’s office, Johnny, and your Dad will never find out)

  2. Yeah, the courts are corrupt, yet I still feel like this is one to watch.

    Am curious about this:

    “Madison schools have adopted policies that violate constitutionally recognized parental rights. A public school district should not, and cannot, make decisions reserved for parents.”

    I’ve no idea where this is stated in The Constitution, does anyone? Also, how would The Bill of Rights cover “parental rights?” Any insights welcome.


    1. The parent holds sole custody, that sole custody is among the parent’s effects, which cannot be seized without the due process in the common law court. The custody is the parent’s property and is protected by the procedural due process of the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 8th Articles. Unless the child is intelligent enough and adult enough to emancipate him or herself, the child is the property of the parent and no other.
      This is a gross violation of the ratified law of our land and the punishment should be equitable to the crime, at least that is what I would be demanding if I took it to a court. This would fall under force majeure with me. A complete breakdown of the law and I would do whatever I felt was necessary to rectify the situation.

      1. Thank you, Henry, for explaining it so clearly. Makes complete sense to me. And I see where the protection comes in from the Articles you mention. it’s all right there.


      2. Yeah someone needs to jerk their chain
        Hard enough that their face turns blue
        This is an outrage
        This is outright grooming
        And anyone trying policy on this shit needs to eat a fist and a jail cell

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