Parkland First Responder: I Was Told To Stand Down, ‘I Could Have Saved Lives’

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A first responder to the Parkland school shooting claims he was told to stand down and not enter the building to recover victims, which he believes would have saved lives.

Speaking to a WSVN Miami News 7 reporter, an emergency medical responder who was one of the first at the scene, said law enforcement did not follow mass casualty event protocols.  

Reporter Brian Entin published comments from the responder – who did not want to be identified for fear of reprisal – on Twitter Saturday.

“Everything I was trained on mass casualty events says they did the wrong thing. You don’t wait for the scene to be cleared. You go in immediately armed. Retrieve the victims. You can’t leave the victims laying there.”

“We were asking to go in. Asking the scene commander to go in. Why are we all standing around? Why are we not having patients to treat? Why are we not going into the building and retrieving these kids? The response every time was law enforcement did not clear the scene and would not allow medical personnel in.”

“I would hypothesize I could have saved lives. I can’t say for sure.”

“I would have risked my life to go in. I was eager to.”

“I was frustrated the entire time I was there.”

“Rapid evacuation of the wounded. All they had to do was drag them out of the building. And we could have started medical care.”

“I think they made the decision they thought was right at the time. But I don’t think it was the right one. They should have been more aggressive about getting the victims out.”

“Can’t say for sure if the people were dead inside or if they could have helped.”

According to CNN, four sheriff’s deputies posted up outside the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School did not enter the building as the shooting was taking place.


3 thoughts on “Parkland First Responder: I Was Told To Stand Down, ‘I Could Have Saved Lives’

  1. Seems like more and more of the same “oddities” that abound in other events have repeated themselves in this event; namely:
    1) No medical personnel were allowed to attempt treatment on the “victims”.
    2) Reports of more than one shooter.
    3) Reports from different witnesses vary greatly in details.
    4) Supposedly there was a “drill” in the same time period.
    5) NO video footage of the arrival, entry, attack or exit of the attacker(s) has been released.
    6) IMMEDIATE and vehement calls for gun control have taken place.
    7) “Crisis” actors have appeared, coached and VERY unnatural in speech, emotion and physical behavior.
    8) Relatives of “witnesses” and others close to the event are in some way associated with or related to Federal Agencies.

    I may have missed something to add, but please feel free to do so below.

    I believe this string of false flag events is the result of the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012 (part of the NDAA) which repealed the domestic prohibition against Government propaganda being created and disseminated allowing it to be utilized to manipulate Americans. One of the obvious solutions is to once again prohibit this type of lying manipulation, with rigorous penalties for any government employees found to be deliberately disseminating, or causing any non-governmental person or entity to disseminate false information in an attempt to manipulate the People.

    1. Agree with you 100% Darzak, and thanks for the reminder of the name of the act that allows them to flat out lie to the American people.

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