PARKLAND REVISITED: Known Wolves, Astroturfing and the Politics of Mass Shootings

21st Century Wire – by Shawn Helton

It’s been just over a year since America was stricken with a high-profile mass shooting on Valentine’s Day, yet despite a confession and the presentation of largely circumstantial evidence, there’s still a number of lingering questions concerning the Parkland school shooting. To many, it was just another in a long line of spectacular mass shootings in America, but this event was amplified to entirely new level, where media and political forces were suddenly mobilized, rapidly eclipsing the crime itself.  

This month marked the first anniversary of the Parkland shooting, but one key point the public should bear in mind is that the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooterNikolas Cruz– was already well-known to both local law enforcement and the FBI long before the tragic events of that day. Shortly after the Parkland school shooting, any in-depth crime scene discussion was quickly brushed aside, as a national political campaign for gun control deployed by the media, the Democratic Party and its affiliate activist organizations – dominated the headlines. By choosing to play-up certain polarizing aspects of the incident, rather than focus on the questionable details of the case, the mainstream media initially glossed over holding both local law enforcement and the FBI to account for their failure to both prevent and react to this incident in a timely and effective manner. It was only after a public relations backlash, that the media begin to scrutinize the law enforcement failure that had taken place within “Florida’s safest city“.

For those readers who take the time to critically analyze these types of high-profile crimes, corporate media obfuscation has become an all too familiar pattern, with many unresolved cases in recent years shrouded by outlets looking to get above the fold in the news cycle.

The Stoneman Douglas school shooting is stated to be the deadliest since the shootings in Sandy Hook and Columbine, but with each passing day after the Parkland tragedy, new details emerged which began to cast doubt over the media-driven narrative for this mass shooting. This, combined with the hyper-politicization of the event by the media and Beltway interests, meant that this event would be distorted beyond what would be considered ‘normal’ for media coverage and commentary for a mass casualty event in America.

For the purposes of clarity in this case, let’s review the main details of the Parkland, Florida shooting incident and examine the political aftermath that has long since overtaken the tragic event itself…

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2 thoughts on “PARKLAND REVISITED: Known Wolves, Astroturfing and the Politics of Mass Shootings

  1. False flags are beginning to bore the shit out of me. If anyone actually died of course I am mortified. Anyone capable of objective thought realizes that false flag events have taken the lives of millions of people when you add in the wars that they have initiated. Every time this shit goes down it’s the agencies responsible for the event that investigate the crime. There is nobody but us to investigate the agencies which is nearly impossible because to do so would be a breach of national security. Thank Yaweh that we have competent Zionists at all top positions within our freedom loving government and military to insure that the truth will come out through our equally god loving Zionist owned media who would never dream of lying to their best ally and dearest friend.

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