Parkland school shooting: Eyewitnesses saw killer wearing different clothes

Fellowship of the Minds – by Dr. Eowyn

We are told that Nikolas Cruz, 19, is the lone gunman of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas (MSD) High School shooting on February 14, 2018, in Parkland, Florida, who killed 17 and wounded another 17.  

Nikolas Cruz

Cruz took an Uber to school. An eyewitness saw him arriving at the school in a small, gold-colored vehicle, wearing a maroon shirt, black pants, and a black hat and carrying a black duffel bag and backpack. The eyewitness watched as Cruz walked towards one of the school buildings. Moments later gunshots were heard. (Breitbart)

But Stacey Lippel, the school’s language arts teacher, told ABC’s “Good Morning America” that she’d seen the shooter “actively shooting down the hallway,” and that he was “in full metal garb — helmet, face mask, bullet-proof armor”.

Lippel isn’t the only eyewitness who saw the shooter dressed very differently than Nikolas Cruz. In the video below, you’ll see and hear eyewitnesses say they saw the shooter wearing very different clothes:

  • grey-black sweater, hoodie, and jeans.
  • A mask.
  • Full metal garb, helmet, face mask, bullet-proof armor.
  • Glasses and a hat.

Either Nikolas Cruz is a quick-change artist, or he wasn’t the shooter, or there was more than one shooter.

H/t Wolfgang Halbig

Fellowship of the Minds

9 thoughts on “Parkland school shooting: Eyewitnesses saw killer wearing different clothes

  1. This is some good, and convincing evidence that you should show to your friends; credible witnesses to multiple shooters.

    No speculation, grasping, or theorizing necessary.

    1. (and you also have the young girl who was talking to Cruz while shots were being fired in another part of the building).

      1. the entire narrative of this FF is all over the map

        they need to muddy the path as much as possible , that way every story told about it includes the cover lies , even if some of the truth leaks in , theres still 60% bullshit floating in the mix , or just enough to destroy any stories credibility

  2. there is NO Way that this david hogg could be a student in that parkland florida school ,he is just another communist agent ,I saw him give the communist salute I’m not joking!

  3. if she would have saw the shooters face let alone talked to him she would be Dead reasoning with a real hit man is like trying to reason with black beard the whole story is just ridiculous!

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