PARRHESIA – Now more important than ever.

May 1, 2021
I wrote this poem to encourage independent thinking. Mainstream media pushes fear and avoids delving deeper into major issues. We deserve the truth, and we owe it to ourselves to take the time to find it. Censorship and propaganda are driving us further away from Freedom, Free Speech, Peace, Independence…It doesn’t just stop at Covid-19.”Parrhesia” is a poem about governments and media manipulating us for profit. It is also about how fear is used to control the unaware, and how our emotions blind us from the reality that is right in front of us. Patterns throughout history depict authorities controlling the way information is (or isn’t) delivered to different groups in order to get what they want from them: Book burning, censored and selective education, language barriers, emotional manipulation, financial incentives…We can’t point the finger at one evil genius behind a curtain… but we can see millions (if not billions) of misinformed people with good intentions falling victim to a broken system. We all want what is best for ourselves, our families and loved ones, and yet we do not take the time to find the truth. The hypocrisy and contradictions in the way governments are dealing with the coronavirus (sars cov 2, “pandemic”) should be enough to raise some red flags.

3 thoughts on “PARRHESIA – Now more important than ever.

  1. Really a brilliant poet, and so close to the finish line. If only she’d recognize how fully armed the people are. If only she’d speak of The Bill of Rights and the urgency that begs its upholding.


  2. This was a new word for me; I just learned what it means:

    Parrhesia: In rhetoric, a figure of speech described as to speak candidly; free speech; to speak everything; to speak boldly. It implies not only freedom of speech, but the obligation to speak the truth for the common good, even at personal risk; the ability of believers to hold their own in discourse before political and religious authorities. … Whatever can be doubted, must be. And, thus, speech that is not examined or criticized does not necessarily have a valid relation to truth.


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