Patriots of America, Prepare for the Fight

Another week of wheeling, dealing, and stealing is passing us by, and if you try to follow every aspect you will surely go insane.  We are living through the largest theft of property to ever occur on this planet, which is made truly amazing by the fact that everyone is aware of what is going on.  The members of the international corporate mafia are shaking their heads, saying, “I can’t believe they haven’t stopped us yet.”

I have to believe that a majority of the population is now awake, but awake isn’t good enough.  Though it is tough to become proactive without resource, the alternative is akin to sitting in your living room and watching a thief carry your TV and stereo out the door, and failing to stop them because you cannot believe it is happening.

There is really no new news in reference to the presidential campaign as it has now become nothing more than a reiteration of the same dogma, day after day.  But then this is the dead time of year.

I know the Occupy protesters are out there but as the mainstream propaganda machine is taking every measure to remove them from reality; it is going to take an event to bring the movement back into the news.  And I believe that event should be mass occupation of mainstream media establishments across the country, followed by nation-wide occupation of the every port – that is when spring finally gets here.  In the meantime, planning should be perfected for maximum effect.

Right now the propagandists think they have the situation under control because the establishment has stood up and said, “Yes we’ve taken your rights and property and what are you going to do about it?”  These people are despicable and when the time comes for their prosecution and punishment we should show no mercy, as a line has been drawn across this country, with the elite on one side enjoying their lives and the rest of us stripped of our rights and being treated as peasants.

Only the reinstitution of our Republic under our Constitution can remedy this situation and unless we can find a way to stop the voter fraud this can only be accomplished through force.

Over 950 dead people voted in South Carolina and still the fraudulent system goes forward, in essence telling us that we will accept the dictates of the elite.  Like I said, we have reached the point of act or acquiesce.  But I believe in the American people of the American race and that by the 4th of July this whole situation is going to come to a rolling boil, and the summer of 2012 will mark a decisive point in our nation’s history.

The time of action grows near.  Let us not waver in our determination.  We are the descendants of a great group of individuals and what our forefathers did we will do again.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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