Paul Ryan, Not Such a Slick Operator

The pathetic little parasite Paul Ryan says he wants to make it clear.  He and Mitt Romney are not backing down from Medicare, saying this is a debate he and Romney want and a debate they are going to win.  And what is his big selling point for allowing the complete destruction of Medicare?  Well, Obama has already begun the process via transferring $716 billion from Medicare to his Obamacare.

This is kind of like when Paul Ryan talks about taking food from the poor that is being paid for via tax revenues from the middle class.  If Paul Ryan had his way and ended Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, and food stamps, is there anyone out there naïve enough to believe those revenues would be returned to the middle class and working poor taxpayers?  Or even that the taxes would cease being deducted from their paychecks?

No, no, no, no, no.  With the tax monies coming in we have just enough to pay the interest on our $16 trillion debt.  And in truth that is where our tax money is going, every dollar of it.

What Paul Ryan is talking about is where the revenues from further borrowing should be diverted.  You see Paul Ryan wants these future revenues for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, and food stamps to be diverted to the Pentagon to offset those mandatory cuts that will be coming up next January.  You see we cannot afford those cuts if we are to invade and conquer Iran and Syria for the Israelis.

If 10 million Americans die as a result of this upcoming orchestrated famine, all the better.  It quiets the complaining and will scare the rest of the unemployed and poor population into gladly accepting slavery with food while laboring their lives away for Ryan’s corporate masters.

The propagandists think that with Ryan they are projecting Alfalfa of the Little Rascals and just enough people will fall for it to allow this fraudulent act to be pushed through.  Look at Paul Ryan when he is reciting his lines.  He is sleazy to a fault and his eyes betray his intent.

Of course the whole 2012 election is a fraud.  But Paul Ryan is the one assigned to create the illusion that will allow the neo-cons to proclaim that they have yet another mandate from we the people to further cut our throats.  So it must be done and no one in the neo-con camp will be allowed to waver.

There is only one problem, Paul Ryan.  We the majority sees you for what you are and quite frankly your act is amateurish.

The Republican Convention will start in six days and the actions of the police state in treating with the Ron Paul supporters and the Occupiers may just be enough to set off a full blown revolution.

Ryan and the rest of the elite will continue to run their bluff right up until the last minute, then you will see them beating feet like Forrest Gump when he broke free of his leg braces.  No insult to Forrest Gump’s intelligence intended.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

2 thoughts on “Paul Ryan, Not Such a Slick Operator

  1. Yea and Paul Ryan is saying that he wouldn`t take medicare from his mother – is Ryan compareing his mother with the every day people? Well, his mother is rich enough to not have to need it. A house in Wi., and I am sure that I remember hearing that she has a house down in Florida. She doesn`t need anything. Romney and Ryan are the types that would say that the under and/or unemployed and the homeless are that way because they are lazy or they want to be that way.

  2. “If Paul Ryan had his way and ended Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, and food stamps, is there anyone out there naïve enough to believe those revenues would be returned to the middle class and working poor taxpayers?”

    Of course not, Henry. Don’t be ridiculous. If the government gave back all that money to the people, it would show that they are not doing their job and not making good use of the people’s money that they stole, not realizing that you don’t have to spend more money to justify that you are an effective politician. (Ron Paul, being a perfect example of that last part) No, they must launder it somewhere else to justify that they are doing something with every penny they milk from the taxpayer, otherwise, they would appear incompetent and not be able to protect us from the boogeyman or from another banker rigged financial crisis, thus making us more independent and having to use our brains for once like our Founding Fathers wanted in the first place. If you think otherwise, then you are insane! (Sarcasm)

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