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Back in my misspent youth, while a fearless young reporter, I was covering an appearance of a rather unpopular politician (A “Boss Hog” type local tyrant.) when a deputy sheriff threatened me with arrest… just for being there,  for doing my job.  Actually, that deputy knew my political leanings and I knew his — and I knew who kept him in his job  — and why.  He knew that I knew. 

Anyway, he got overly loud with his threats, so I yelled out:  “Go ahead and arrest me.”  I asked him if he’d ever heard of the constitution, particularly the First Amendment.

That infuriated him.  His facial complexion became beet red.

By that time I was sure I was headed to jail so nothing else much mattered and I threw caution to the wind.  I begged him to arrest me!  I assured him that not only would I have his job and every thing he owned,  but I’d own the county before I was finished dragging him and the county through the courts.

The timing was perfect for at just the moment the deputy was about to lunge for me that dreaded politician, (Boss Hog) who owned the deputy, arrived and his attention was torn from me to his boss and I escaped the calaboose!

Lest you think I am making this up, this was back in the “bad ole days” when local government officials let contracts out on reporters.  That’s a matter of public record.

When I began a series investigating the drug trafficking in my neck of the woods, I was paid numerous visits by the Police Chief and Chief of Detectives who told me one of their undercover agents had reported to them that I was a target for a hit.

That was somewhat troubling.  So, I immediately cleaned my guns, and made sure I had at least one with me from then on.

Nothing ever came of it and I made a complete thirteen week run of programs on the drug trafficking in our community, county, and region.

Now.  I tell you all this to say simply that I DO know a little something about getting one’s hands dirty as a field reporter and I DO know a little something about threats from those whom  reporters cover.

I’ve been retired for rather a long time now but I’d have thought things would have gotten better.  Apparently they have not.  Powerful people STILL enjoy throwing their weight around.

The stories we are just now beginning to hear of the intimidation of reporters by the Obama White House may seem a little strained to the uninitiated.  Believe me, they are NOT. 

What DOES surprise me, however, is that the stories are coming out, not just now, but at all —  especially the stories of reporter abuse coming from members of the Mainstream Media.

Everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE, knows the MsM has been a lap dog of the Obama Administration. They’ve promoted the guy, covered for him, run interference for him, in a modern form of “slobbering lust” for Obama’s Marxist approach to governing the US.

One could easily feel the MsM is getting their comeuppance with all this. We have warned many times that the thing the MsM seems to NEVER understand is that the leftist politicians, once in power, will seek, almost immediately, to cower the press, or shut them up altogether.  The press  never seems to believe it until their presses are smashed.

This time, however, the MsM and Obama share an ideology.  That places the MsM in a difficult place … between a rock and a hard place, as it were. As the old expression goes: “They have made their bed — now they must lie in it.”

BUT.  The Obama people bit of more than they can chew when the lit into Bob Woodward.

I’m not a big fan of Mr. Woodward, though I respect him and his work.  Mr. Woodward has nothing to prove to anyone.  He made his bones quite a long time ago. He’s not just any other “big boy.”  Woodward is a giant. 

By digging in and standing by his story of threats from the Obama White House, he has opened the door for others to publicly relate their stories of “reporter abuse.”

We have seen the White House press corp in near revolt in recent days, as well.  All is NOT WELL in Obamaland.

Months ago, we spelled out for our readers what to expect in a second term of Obama. Raw abuse of power.  It has only just begun.

In a column entitled:  “Wannabe Dictator,” my friend, Alan Caruba, said recently:  “When President Obama said, ‘I’m not a dictator’ on the day the sequester was activated, March 1st, he should have finished the sentence, ‘but I intend to be one’ “   SOURCE 

Alan was/is spot on!  There is frightening stuff going on within the Obama Administration that should give every American pause — and  — reason to pay attention.  I read an expression recently that said:  “Any American not outraged today is not paying attention!”

Evidence is piling up that the Obama Administration is preparing for a rebellion by the American people.  I do not say this lightly.  

When a domestic government agency is purchasing thousands of armored vehicles, thousands of combat rifles, billions of rounds of ammunition, guard towers, and bullet proof check-point booths, etc, is one justified in thinking that maybe Obama has created the civilian armed force he spoke of early in his campaign?  I think so. I DON’T WANT TO THINK THAT, but the evidence is pointing solidly in that direction.

Now.  After word has begun to leak out of press intimidation, is it outside the realm of possibility that the MsM is not reporting this —  not so much as a result of their love for Obama but as the result of their FEAR of Obama?  Seems to me it is worth consideration.

The MsM would do well to remember that in any attempt to put down a rebellion, the government will take over the press.  Don’t believe me?  Abraham Lincoln shuttered newspaper offices and jailed editors.

“But we’ve got the Internet,” you say.  No. Not any longer.  At the first sign of trouble Obama can — and will — simply switch off the Internet in the US.  Remember those Executive Orders some of us warned you of?

These are truly perilous times in America.  The recent government attack on the Second Amendment has only outraged the America public and bolstered the grim determination of gun owners across America to stand fast and fight. 

The plain truth is — if the MsM doesn’t soon snap out of their love-lorn stupor for Obama they will find themselves running off single sheet broadsides on hand-cranked mimeograph machines in the corner of a darkened basement concealed from government agents searching diligently in the “round about” for them.

Think I’m overdoing it, over-thinking it ?  Just watch — and wait.

© J. D. Longstreet

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  1. Abusing the rights of the people is surely a recipe for disaster. If people are not awake enough now, they will be when their little world becomes a nightmare.

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