8 thoughts on “PBS Principal Counsel Michael Beller Incites Political Violence In Radical Left-Wing Agenda

  1. OMG!! How much more jaw-dropping can it get?!! This is TREASON will full intent to kidnap, brainwash, and communize our children. I can’t say there’s a venue I hate more than PBS, except for maybe NPR.


    1. Every. Single. Time.

      Yeah, my mother over the years has come to believe pbs and npr are ‘unbiased nonprofit’ and ‘alternative’ media outlets.smfh Before dad died, she really started butting heads with him because he balanced his “news” with fox AND cnn.

      I can say she’s not the same woman who reared me. She’s bitter, ’empowered’, believes fags and anyone non-white has been ‘victimized’ by the ‘white male patriarchy’.

      Case in point, in 1959 she went to prom with a boy everyone knew was a faggot. He never got beat up or even teased, but she still believes he and his ilk have been somehow ‘oppressed’ for all time. I asked her how 60 years ago everyone knew he was a faggot and nothing ever happened to him for it, how was he ‘victimized’ or his Rights been violated if no one gave a shite even then? She simply started regurgitating pbs npr special anecdotal cases that get heralded by msm…

      And just like that, you can add her to the list of former family members. Not that I have ANY affections for church, but she was the one who worked so hard to send us(4 children) to ‘christian’ school 5 days a week, church 3x a week, vbs, ‘christian’ summer camp etc. so we could learn the words of Jesus.

      She just went from one cult to the other but man, all of them are dangerous. Crazy, down my 3 siblings, mother and 2 daughters to the state.

      But the strongest steel is tempered by the hottest fire. These basturds will pay for their crimes and the People are gonna see to it!

      1. I hear ya, Martist. As this thing progresses it will become more and more glaringly clear who is willing to be at out side and it will be both strange and revealing to see who falls away.


    1. So O’Keefe exposes this guy and then gets invited on to FOX News. What? What ain’t he exposing FOX? Showin’ his colors.


      1. There are bigger fish to fry than Fox News. Veritas is first going after the truly dangerous, unhinged leftists in the liberal media who want us all dead, as Beller chillingly admits in this video while talking about covid (while smiling!)

        1. FOX news is one of the BIGGEST fish out there. No network has pushed more war and genocide than they. The “fair and balanced” guys are grossly unfair and profoundly unbalanced. To legitimize them by going on their shows is to uphold the deceit of corporate control, unless, of course, once one gets on there, he or she seizes control of the narrative and screams into the monitor: “FOX news is a strong-arm of the enemy trying to deceive and enslave you.” Oh yeah, I forgot about their 4 second delay; so it won’t fly.

          Kill the lying media; it has played such a major role in enslaving us and setting us back from our natural progress. Me hates ’em.


          1. ps: RE: “Veritas is first going after the truly dangerous, unhinged leftists in the liberal media who want us all dead…”

            He should also be going after the “truly dangerous” right, even though we know there is no left/right at all. When has O’Keefe ever brought up “The Bill of Rights?” If your still dancin’ left/right you’re caught in a circle-dance that goes nowhere.


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