Pedophilia Taught as “Sexual Orientation” in California Schools

Published on Apr 15, 2019

Government school officials in California think it is “really important” to teach children about pedophilia and pederasty because it is a “sexual orientation.” That is according to a top official for California’s Brea School District, who admitted to parents that it was being done — and that it would continue despite the outrage. Watch Assistant Superintendent of Curricula Kerrie Torres in the Brea, California, School District admit this IN PUBLIC!

9 thoughts on “Pedophilia Taught as “Sexual Orientation” in California Schools

      1. yes it is…..and parents will keep sending their children to the talmudic run schools because ….because…..because……

        1. Because many decades of t.v. ‘programming’ have thoroughly convinced the idiots that it’s the thing to do.

          Stupidity (as well as insanity) abounds.

        2. And even if they don’t send ’em to the schools, the kids are getting the programming anyway, through all forms of pervasive media. Parents are hard-pressed to undo that input, but undo we must. Cultural Marxism is so cunning because it’s always dressed in a “progressive” gown with a coat of “coolness.” I try to teach my grandkids how cool it is to sometimes go against the grain, to stand apart from the herd. Poor things have to put up with strange grandma.

          The school “official” in this vid… There are no words to describe what I think of her. Wait, there is one: vile, and its thesaurus buddies: foul, nasty, unpleasant, bad, disagreeable, horrid, horrible, dreadful, abominable, atrocious, offensive, obnoxious, odious, unsavory, repulsive, disgusting, distasteful, loathsome, hateful, nauseating, sickening; disgraceful, appalling, shocking, sorry, shabby, shameful, dishonorable, execrable, heinous, abhorrent, deplorable, monstrous, wicked, evil, iniquitous, nefarious, depraved, debased; contemptible, despicable, reprehensible, gross, godawful, lowdown, lousy.

          So there. And she better stay away from my grandkids.

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