8 thoughts on “Pelosi Chased Off The Street- F-ing Communist!

  1. So how many of those people are the stazi going to arrest ?

    You know for “ breaking “ into her space
    That bitch should be too afraid to show its face

    1. Yet they wear commie controlled opposition chump to send their anti-commie message?

      They’re like the cannon fodder kid who would rather die than get the jab…

  2. I prefer “Nazi Pelosi”…. Nazi, Commie….same thing….. (for those who forgot that ‘nazi’ is short for National SOCIALIST)

    1. That’s the claim, anyway, but they were far more instrumental as NAtional ZIonist ashke-NAZIS in establishing that little piss hole for the folks they’re accused of hating and holyhoaxing. Always seemed odd, inconvenient and illogical for anyone to pick out the first two letters and apply them to a suffix which has no rhyme or reason and pulled from the middle of a word.

  3. I remember someone saying “There will come a time when none of them will be able to show their faces in public” guess it has begun

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