Pelosi Doubts Planned Parenthood Videos ‘Are Real’

Breitbart – by Pam Key

Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” House Minority Leader  Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) refused to acknowledge the controversial series of undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood doctors negotiating  prices for fetal tissue are real.

Pelosi said, “I don’t stipulate that these videos are real. And the fact is — and fact is that the research that is being criticized there is research that has been supported. now.  I haven’t seen — I’ve seen some news reports of it, but I also know that it’s not real and you can create any reality that you want.”  

She continued, “And I think they should be investigated as to how they obtained those and doctored those and had them be accepted as something that was an indictment against Planned Parenthood because that’s not true.”

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12 thoughts on “Pelosi Doubts Planned Parenthood Videos ‘Are Real’

  1. “… but I also know that it’s not real and you can create any reality that you want.”

    Damn!!! If that doesn’t sound EXACTLY like the so-called ‘government’ this sleazy Zionist commie jewb#tch is part of, I don’t know what DOES!

    btw, I don’t think YOU’RE real either, b#tch.

    Hate to see what oozes out of that putrid body after you’re dead.

    1. Same crap that you just heard spewing out of her mouth, it’ll just smell much worse.

      Honestly, can anyone justify this shill for murder as some sort of qualified personage? Note that everything she says is always a lie…. And she’s not very good at it, since she repeatedly has to check the script that has been given to her by her handlers.

  2. “you can create any reality that you want”

    she just tipped the governments hand and doesn’t even realize it

    all those Hoaxes..from 911 all the way to the killing of 9 blacks by a patsy with the name Roof

  3. I like the comments on Breitbart about her face not being real and all the botox going to her brain and then the debate about whether she has a brain, and so on.

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