Pelosi Parties Maskless With Democrat Big Wigs in Napa

Legal Insurrection – by Mary Chastain

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is okay with DC police arresting people who do not wear masks on the House side of Congress.

The woman once again shows she does not care about anyone but herself.

Remember when Pelosi went to a San Francisco salon in 2020 when the city closed down salons?

Videos recently exposed the supposed mask-loving queen partying with rich Democrats in Napa…without a mask.

The tickets for the 2021 Napa Frontline Event cost from $100 to a whopping $29,000.

The event benefited vulnerable House Democrats.

The video shows four long tables with a lot of people literally sitting shoulder-to-shoulder without masks. Pelosi is speaking to the crowd at the head of one table without a mask

The plebes who served the rich all wore masks, though!

The CDC recommends people “consider” wearing a mask outdoors “because of potential dangers.”

The CDC also advises wearing masks in crowded outdoor areas.

As I said, the people at the tables literally sat shoulder-to-shoulder.

Legal Insurrection

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