9 thoughts on “Pelosi: “People will do what they do.”

  1. So, she wants us to devalue the past and to erase history. Sure, that’ll bless the future, not knowing where we came from or how we got here. Me hates the nancy-ghoul.


  2. Finally I agree with this human creature, You are correct Ms. Nancy, People “Will” do what they do.

    Now my little tyrant scum bag, imagine People rising up and restoring our republic with the bill of rights and common law court jurisdictions and the results for criminals like you.

    You betcha beaoch, people do what they do, and watching you and your kind be hanged for the egregious treason you have engaged in will be; well, just people doing what they do.

    So yeah, agreed.

  3. Thats right bitch ,, im going to do what I do ..and none of it is what you want

    so suck on that with your false teeth

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